Let's Be Clear: a Guide for Distillation Clarity

Troubleshooting Distillation Methods and Wiped Film Evaporators So you have grown, harvested, dried, bucked, and extracted your hemp into CBD oils. The next step is to dewax, remove any solvent, decarboxylate,… Read More »

10 Mar 2020
Could fracTron Replace your Rotovaps?

Advances in Distillation: fracTron vs. Rotary Evaporators Does your cannabis processing company use rotary evaporators for distillation and solvent recovery when making CBD oil? How many do you need to… Read More »

06 Mar 2020
Free Live Tour - 5 ton daily facility - RSVP Now

Join the extraktLAB team March 12, 2020 at 10am CST, for a tour of a facility that produces 5 tons of biomass every single day using supercritical co2 extractors. The tour will be hosted by Dr. Jon Thompson.  Click… Read More »

16 Jan 2020
Denatured Ethanol Questions Without Answers

Chemical residuals are often left behind when ethanol extraction companies use denatured or specially denatured ethanol to extract CBD from hemp. Unlike food grade ethanol, denatured ethanol is initially… Read More »

16 Dec 2019
Explore the Pros and Cons of Ethanol Extraction

What is the Best Extraction Technique: CO2 extraction or ethanol extraction? There are many different methods of extracting cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids from biomass.… Read More »

06 Dec 2019
Newest extraktLAB products for Hemp CBD Oil Production

NOVEMBER 22, 2019: Osceola, WI – extraktLAB®, the leading full solution CBD oil extraction equipment (https://extraktlab.com/supercritical-co2-extractors/) provider for hemp and cannabis, is excited to… Read More »

23 May 2019
Operating Costs of Starting a Cannabis Extraction Business

Thinking of starting an extraction business? You’re not alone. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp production, the extraction industry has seen a boom in the last six months. There’s… Read More »

26 Mar 2019
Behind-the-Scenes of Cannabis Extraction

The cannabis industry moves fast and the ever-changing science of cannabis extraction is no different. Scientific innovations from experienced companies are starting to leave their mark and people are… Read More »

DrainDroyd Eliminates Bottlenecks in Hemp Oil Filtration

MARCH 19, 2019-OSCEOLA, WI - extraktLAB shared recent honors from the cannabis industry as their DrainDroyd filtration unit was featured in Marijuana Business Magazine’s “10 Killer Technologies” cover… Read More »

14 Mar 2019
High Quality, High Capacity CBD Extraction Machinery

Here’s a look behind the high-quality CBD extraction machinery that was a focal point in last week’s popular blog article, “One Ton Per Day Hemp Extraction Facility.” As seen in WSPA 7News’ video, “Inside… Read More »

08 Mar 2019
One Ton Per Day Hemp Extraction Facility

Given our popular post, “One Ton Per Day Cannabis Extraction Facility,” we wanted to follow up with a recent extraktLAB® customer, SC Botanicals, and showcase their gratitude for our equipment in their… Read More »

27 Feb 2019
Dewaxing Crude Oil Faster with the DrainDroyd Filtration Unit

The DrainDroyd filtration unit for dewaxing crude oil was recently featured at #3 in Marijuana Business Magazine’s cover article “10 Killer Technologies!” Our CEO, Dr. Jon Thompson, has over 15 years… Read More »

08 Feb 2019
Meet and Greet at the NCIA Seed to Sale Show in Boston

Are you shipping up to Boston *bagpipes* next week for the NCIA Seed to Sale Show? Join the extraktLAB crew at booth 818 from February 12th-13th at Hynes Convention Center! Visit us at booth 818 to grab… Read More »

01 Feb 2019
Extract THC Oil from Cannabis with Supercritical CO2

In today’s hot cannabis market, growers need to be smart about their approach to extracting THC oil from their harvest. With so many product types and extraction methods, ROI can be impacted, even for… Read More »

21 Jan 2019
extraktLAB Rocks Another Cannabis Business Conference

The extraktLAB crew was north of the border for Lift & Co’s Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver, Canada from January 11th-13th, 2019! The beautiful scenery and perfect weather made for an enjoyable… Read More »

18 Dec 2018
One Ton Per Day Cannabis Extraction Facility

When it comes to financing a cannabis extraction facility, many make the mistake of thinking they’ve got to “go big or go home.” Here at extraktLAB, we’re happy to tell you that it’s really wise to “go… Read More »

06 Dec 2018
CO2 vs. Ethanol Extraction: Safety Concerns

Op-Ed by Cole Holstrom, Senior Technical Advisor I see it all the time. Investors are understandably focused on the return on investment with their cannabis and hemp extraction equipment. I watch them… Read More »

30 Nov 2018
New extract trends - are they initially worth it?

New extract trends in the cannabis industry are bound to crop up from time to time, and yet they’re still just a dime a dozen. New products often require years of research and development (R&D), in addition… Read More »

20 Nov 2018
Elect to know the truth about CO2 vs. ethanol extraction

People vote with their money in this industry, so it’s time to check the results of CO2 vs. ethanol extraction. Sometimes it’s best to say what’s left unsaid, especially when it means better business results.… Read More »

31 Oct 2018
Join extraktLAB at this year's largest MJ business event!

Are you going to be rolling the dice at this year's largest cannabis event the second week of November? extraktLAB's crew will be in Sin City for MJBizDaily’s MJBizCon Vegas from November 14th to the… Read More »

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