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Whether recreational or medicinal in nature, people are dabbing more than ever before. Dabs are a newer form of cannabis use, which is done through the consumption of THC and CBD extracts, concentrates, isolates, shatters etc. derived from an extraction process utilizing CO2, ethanol or butane solvents. The 7/10 holiday is great reminder of the healing potential of medicinal marijuana in all of it’s forms. In this case, dabbing concentrated cannabis/hemp OIL involves:

New York City — Is the success of a trade show determined solely by the number of leads it generates for attendees and exhibitors alike? It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of networking and brand awareness, but each public event is an opportunity to “put on a happy face” and show strangers, potential customers and established players in the industry that you’re a part of the game.

Eliminate winterization and dewaxing bottlenecks like these with the DrainDroyd Buchner funnel bottlenecks in your oil extraction filtration process cost you time and money. Eliminate them with DrainDroyd. If you have top of the line, high output CO2 extraction equipment, be sure to...