We have helped numerous LPs and AR types get up and running on extraction processes. Often times, LPs start with a grow license and then obtain an extractor license after that.

If your company is thinking of getting into extractions and wants to work with a high-end team of PhD scientists and engineers, we are your team. We are essentially a one-stop shop for equipment, services, SOPs, manufacturing engineering, and guidance.

Furthermore, to offer the most rapid service, we have service and installation technicians stationed in Toronto to service all Canadian accounts. They can usually be deployed within a day to help with any issue you may encounter.

We also stock service parts for routine maintenance in Toronto. This is an advantage because service parts coming from the U.S. usually have 1-3 days just to pass customs.

We just received some unsolicited email from a Canadian LP who recently purchased one of our supercritical CO2 extraction machines and now has a very substantial output of oil. See below:

“Hi Jon,

How are you doing? Our extractor system works great, we were able to hit +80% cannabinoids (73% delta 9) and a +20% w/w extraction. We are doing flower and have 2+kg/day [of oil output on a 5L 110+ machine].

[Your team] did a great job helping us in the commissioning and training. They really got a kick out of looking at our older machine.”

Many people have a hard time believing that this kind of performance is possible but we see most all of our customers achieving these kinds of numbers. This particular customer has been a reference for us in the market and is now just pushing the levers on maximizing production.

If your LP becomes serious about pursuing extractions, it is highly likely that you would be talking with this operator. We are excited to see their process come together.

For more information, videos, comparison data, and offerings, please sign up for a consultation by filling out the form below. You can also reach us by phone at 651-600-0036.