The purest form of CBD formulation is made through the isolation process. This creates CBD powder that is easily useable for businesses and customers alike making it a highly sought after product. With a near 100% purity, isolate CBD powder is one of the best ways to make a profit, or implement to a healthy lifestyle.

What is CBD Powder?

CBD powder is a crystalline solid which contains 95-99% pure CBD. Depending upon the procedure, the resulting product is either a large CBD crystal or a fine white powder.

An extraction procedure will remove all the active compounds in the hemp plant, also followed by a refinement procedure which strips off the rest of the phytocannabinoids and any other unwanted plant matter, leaving behind nothing but the hemp derived CBD compound in its purest form.

Neither form of CBD isolate ought to have odor or taste. Despite its odorless and tasteless qualities, there are a number of reasons to get excited about CBD isolate and what it has to offer.

CO2 has a particular selectivity and solvent power dependent upon temperature and pressure. CO2 has adequate solvent power at elevated pressures of 5000 psi at 50 degrees capable of extracting 90% of cannabinoids in about an hour. At low pressure and low temperature, CO2 can be used selectively to extract terpenes and terpene rich mixtures. You can’t do that with ethanol.

Adhering to the mainstream development of CBD infused goods and products, another attention grabbing alternative is being made available in large quantities for people wanting to experience the natural hemp plants therapeutic effects without the risk of mind altering effects from other psychoactive cannabinoids.

Though CBD isolate may not get the same amount of publicity as popular full spectrum CBD products, It is likely to be the most versatile and compelling kind of CBD formulation today.

Examples Of How To Use CBD Powder

The Ultimate Healthy Food Additive

CBD powder is incredibly simple to use. CBD powder is comparable to your typical smoothie protein powder additive. It is ingestible and is most commonly used as an additive. Like other baking ingredients that are in powder form, it is extremely easy to work with.

CBD powder is especially easy to work with in the kitchen. You don’t have to be an expert chef to add a little CBD into your daily diet. It is a simple, versatile, powder that can be added to your favorite hot or cold drinks. It is a slick obtainable consumable, perfect for tea drinkers, coffee lovers, or smoothie sippers. Take a sip and just relax.


CBD Isolate in jar

Without the presence of psychoactive cannabinoids found in other hemp derived goods, while still offering a means of enjoying the hemp plant’s products, CBD powder has the advantage. Starting with CBD Isolate for your CBD innovation is almost effortless. CBD isolate might be the ideal product for you if you’re looking for a place to start.

Get Creative with Your Own CBD Powder Products

Apart from its “on the go” or in the kitchen uses, pure CBD powder can be used for the creation of other products. Mixing CBD isolate powder and other carrier oils like coconut oil or MCT oil can make quality CBD products like tinctures and edibles. CBD isolate benefits don’t stop there though.

With your own custom formula, you can create your own vape or CBD cream for muscle aches and stress relief. Infusing CBD into edibles, tinctures, topicals or other products is a great way to enter into a profitable market opportunity as a producer, or explore a healthier lifestyle as a consumer.

CBD Isolate Process

Produce hundreds of kilograms of CBD isolate with extrakLAB’s Bulk CBD Isolate package. The system includes all of the equipment required to manufacture isolate at approximately 2 kg per hour.

  1.  The starting distillate material is heated to make the solid a liquid. Once a liquid, it can then be mixed and dissolved in an organic solvent.
  2. The second step is to cool while stirring. Once the distillate dissolves the oil, the chiller begins to cool the mixture while stirring.
  3. Third, after about an hour, the solution will be cooled below -20oC and begin to form crystals.
  4. Fourth, once the precipitation is completed, crystals are filtered from solution and are washed in cold solvent.
  5. Fifth, the crystals are removed from the filter and are dried under vacuum to remove the solvent.
    This process will produce crystals that are greater than 95% pure and typically around 99% pure.
Crystallized CBD Isolate

Finding Quality CBD Powder

When properly manufactured, CBD powder will be tasteless, scentless, and Delta-9 free. These factors give quality to your inventive endeavors. CBD powder provides you with such consistency, and ease of use no matter how you decide to use it.

Quality CBD isolate is manufactured in cGMP certified laboratories with high quality technology and testing standards. CO2 extraction is the most time saving and efficient extraction process, keeping quality above all else. Reputable companies will utilize GC/MS, LC/MS/MS, LC/UV, and melt point instrumentation to measure the quality as materials are being produced.

Hemp processing is also an important step when it comes to creating quality isolate CBD powder. The best CBD Isolate starts from non GMO hemp plants and every step along the way from plant to powder should be handled by the experts. Keeping these factors in mind will allow you to find a trustworthy product for your business, health, or personal goals.

Interested in making your own CBD Isolate? We’re here to help!

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