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Remove ethanol from extracts with the help of fracTron. The equipment has been designed rapidly evaporate ethanol by heating the distillation column to the ethanol boiling point, and then rapidly condensing the volatilized ethanol in a counterflow stream of CO2. The system consists of three such columns allowing fractional distillation methods. The CO2 has the benefit of being inert so that the risk of exposure to flammable solvents is eliminated. The system meets UL requirements for C1D2 hazardous location installations.

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The clearSTILL is a piece of equipment designed for molecular distillation. The system can run in short path distillation or evaporation mode in the first stage which means that it will remove ethanol from the oil at its boiling point. The second stage typically runs at a lower vacuum level and is used in a short path distillation mode. Each stage of the equipment includes a wiper that "wipes" the viscous ethanolic extract in a thin film on the wall. This is the reason that this type of equipment is commonly referred to as a thin film evaporator or a wiped film evaporator interchangeably.  

The main benefit of using a wiped film is for very viscous oils that have been extracted using ethanol as the extraction solvent. Oil going into the equipment is often dark in color because the alcohol dissolves pigments that are then incorporated into the oil.

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Carbon is kryptonite for pigments that are dissolved in ethanol.  Unfortunately, carbon is quite unselective and also will also greatly reduce the extraction CBD yield. Most carbons are sourced from natural products such as coconut or wood and therefore carry with them many contaminants such as cancer causing benzopyrenes. These are readily dissolved into the ethanol from the carbon and remain in the extracts for later consumption by unsuspecting consumers. Fortunately, not all carbons are equal. Patented carbonX is an engineered carbon that eliminates contaminants but still removes color and does not sorb CBD very well. The special carbon is nanostructured carbon that has been deposited on a uniformly porous substrate. The pore uniformity is a key feature as other carbon pores can be very non uniform and often times can trap valuable CBD in the smaller pores. Patent: US 9,149,793


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