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Process Your Harvest With The High Speed Bucking Machine Built For Volume.

shuckNbuck is a high-speed bucking machine for removal of hemp flower from stems that is designed for indoor or outdoor use. It delivers the capacity to process 1 acre of plant harvest in 3 hours with a single operator. The biomass is deposited neatly into your container of choice for storage or shipment.


The shuckNbuck offers the following advantages:

  • 5 Seconds Processing Speed
  • 2,000 plants in 3 hours (1 acre)
  • Direct fill of storage containers
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Lower processing cost

shuckNBuck extended features:

  • Efficient separation of flower and fiber
  • High throughput – 5 seconds/plant
  • Flexible poly propylene brushes
  • Power with generator for outdoor use
  • Flexible hopper system
  • Estop panic bar and motor brake


  • Increase purity of extracts
  • Grinds flower for efficient storage
  • Stalks can be sold as fiber
  • Greatly reduced labor costs
  • Fastest processing for large harvests
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Easy container fill options


  • Higher purity extracts by separating fiber
  • Lower processing costs by concentrating biomass
  • 60X reductionin labor over manual methods
  • Dramatic reduction in harvest processing time


Machine Size70″ Tall x 42″ Wide x 56″ Deep
Machine WeightApprox. 900 pounds
Frame MaterialPowder-Coated Carbon Steel
Brush MaterialBlack Polypropylene
Operating Temperature0 to 95°F (50 to 70°F optimal)
Operating Humidity20 to 80%
EnvironmentApproved for indoor and outdoor use
CleaningRated for washdown and forced drying
Output1.0 HP
Speed1,800 RPM
Voltage115V, single phase
Current12.8 Amps
Bump BarLimit switch will disengage main contactor when 10+ lbs of force is applied to bump bar
E- stopSwitch disengages main contactor

Brand: extraktLAB    Rated: 5/5 based on 1 customer reviews

Manufacturer Part Number: 909178   Name: shuckNbuck Bucking Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

About how long does it take the shuckNbuck to process an acre of harvest?

One operator can process an entire acre of plants in just 3 hours.

What about dust control?

You can connect the shuckNbuck to your own dust collection system using off-the-shelf adapters, or you can purchase an additional dust collection solution directly from us.

When operating how loud is the shuckNbuck?

When the shuckNbuck is turned on, it is about as loud as your electric dryer. Check the manual for recommended ear protections.

How many people does it take to operate the shuckNbuck?

You can safely operate the shuckNbuck with just one person.

What is included in the standard price?

Instruction Manual is included. Certs documentation available as an option.

How can I clean the shuckNbuck between lots?

The shuckNbuck is rated for washdown and forced drying so you can hose it down between uses.

What kind of safety stops are featured on the shuckNbuck?

There are three safety stops. There is a bump bar on the front below the loading zone, the e-stop button on the front top above the loading zone, and a kill switch is activated when the back door is opened. Please consult the manual for additional safety features and warnings.

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