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The shuckNbuck offers the following advantages:

  • 5 Seconds Processing Speed
  • 2,000 plants in 3 hours (1 acre)
  • Direct fill of storage containers
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Lower processing cost

shuckNBuck extended features:

  • Efficient separation of flower and fiber
  • High throughput – 5 seconds/plant 
  • Flexible poly propylene brushes 
  • Power with generator for outdoor use
  • Flexible hopper system 
  • Estop panic bar and motor brake


  • Increase purity of extracts 
  • Grinds flower for efficient storage
  • Stalks can be sold as fiber 
  • Greatly reduced labor costs
  • Fastest processing for large harvests
  • Maximum operator safety 
  • Easy container fill options


  • Higher purity extracts by separating fiber
  • Lower processing costs by concentrating biomass
  • 60X reductionin labor over manual methods
  • Dramatic reduction in harvest processing time


Machine Size 70" Tall x 42" Wide x 56" Deep
Machine Weight  Approx. 900 pounds
Frame Material  Powder-Coated Carbon Steel
Brush Material  Black Polypropylene
Operating Temperature  0 to 95°F (50 to 70°F optimal)
Operating Humidity  20 to 80%
Environment  Approved for indoor and outdoor use
Cleaning  Rated for washdown and forced drying
Output  1.0 HP
Speed  1,800 RPM
Voltage  115V, single phase
Frequency  60Hz
Current  12.8 Amps
Bump Bar  Limit switch will disengage main contactor when 10+ lbs of force is applied to bump bar
E- stop  Switch disengages main contactor

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