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extraktLAB | Cannabis Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machines
We provide our customers with leading-edge supercritical CO2 extraction technology, professional engineering services, and technical consulting for all phases of the extraction process.
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Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machines

extraktLAB provides state-of-the-art supercritical CO2 extraction machines, high-throughput separation systems, and other turnkey manufacturing and laboratory solutions. The cutting-edge technology used in our extraction machines provides the foundation for an entire process that has been designed to outperform other equipment yet remain in compliance with stringent regulations. We also offer professional engineering services and technical consulting for all phases of the extraction process. Our supercritical CO2 extraction machines are designed with the end user in mind, simplifying and increasing customers’ productivity.
Through our advanced extraction machines as well as our engineering and consulting services, extraktLAB helps both experienced and novice producers create manufacturing facilities that meet or exceed ISO and GLP/GMP-equivalent standards.

Why Buy a CO2 Extraction Machine from ExtraktLAB?


Our machine is the industry's fastest, producing quality extracts at record speed. The Extrakt-140 can completely cycle more than 16lbs of material every single hour.

Small Footprint

ExtraktLAB's best selling model covers just 21 square feet.


ExtraktLAB CO2 machines have a demonstrated efficiency of more than 99% cannabinoid recovery.

Low Power Consumption

Our CO2 machines draw under 100 amps when operating.

How can we help?

Send us a note using the form below and a member of

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Learn more about ExtraktLAB CO2 Extraction


With the potential of running 5L columns in 1-2 hours, this CO2 extraction machine is mid-sized machine with a punch!


This CO2 extraction machine features two 20L columns, giving you the capacity to run 16lbs of material each hour. Our most popular model.


Large capacity 80L columns and 5000 psi pressure rates mean that this CO2 extraction machine is a real racehorse!


Supply Your Extractor With Liquid CO2

Liquid CO2 is the lifeblood of your extraction process. CO2 Cage is a high capacity bundle that gives you the ability to monitor your supply and eliminate your downtime.

Our Promises to You

Safety First

Our machine is the industry's fastest, producing extracts at record speed.

The Right Team

We will seek out and acquire the best people, building a business that encourages personal and professional success through trust and cooperation.


We will work to achieve our vision of consistently exceeding industry standards through new methods and technology.


We will provide customers with high quality products and services at a fair price while maintaining our profits so that we can continue to serve our customers, employees, and our stakeholders.