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Access our free white papers on topics like Cost Comparisons, how to select GMP equipment and comparisons between ethanol and co2 extraction techniques.


How To Select Equipment For GMP Operations

Get the right equipment for your needs.
Find out how to select, commission and qualify equipment. Our process makes it easy to choose with confidence.

Terpene Recovery - A Guide to the Process

Subject Matter Expert For Engineering & Investing

SMEs provide knowledge and experience to make the right decisions for facility creation.

Hemp Processing Building & Site Guidelines Checklist

IGWLAB: The Ultimate Manufacturing Execution Software For Hemp Processing

igwLAB is a specialized cloud platform for tracking the manufacturing process of raw materials to finished goods


Operating Cost Parameters for GMP Extraction Operations

Operating Cost Comparison of Ethanol Extraction, Continuous Extraction-to-Distillation Processing & Discontinuous Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Hemp Processing Vendor Qualification Guide

A Critical Analysis & Comparison Of Ethanol & CO2 Extraction Techniques For CBD Derived From Hemp

Ethanol and CO2 extraction techniques compared for contaminants, cost, and validation requirements.

white paperwhite paper preprative chromatography online solvent recovery reproofing

Separation in Preparative Chromatography with On Line Solvent Recovery & Reproofing

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is the best way to separate and purify cannabinoids, enabling the production of higher potency active pharmaceutical ingredients. 

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