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Articles about extraction with an emphasis on supercritical CO2 extraction. Topics include buyers guides and pre/post processing methods to end product formulations.

Op-Ed by Cole Holstrom, Senior Technical AdvisorI see it all the time. Investors are understandably focused on the return on investment with their cannabis and hemp extraction equipment. I watch them think outside the box with all the possible methods, laser-focused on how they can make a quick buck. Unfortunately, the cost of employee safety is often an overlooked part of the equation. In my experience, owners definitely need to think “inside the box” when it comes to safe extraction methods and ethanol safety concerns.

How much space does 1-ton of biomass occupy?Answer: the volume depends on a couple key factors including size of the trim or grind, the water content of the trim, and how it is packaged. Suppliers usually supply trim in heavy duty black garbage bags at...

We have noticed many extraction equipment companies coming out of the woodwork lately. Some have attempted to knock-off our designs - and for good reason. The extraktLAB® extraction equipment runs with reliability you can bank on.Sure, others have tried to offer more automation or greater...