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Delta 8 Packages

To learn more information about our 50L Delta 8 Industrial Package or our Delta 8 Consumables please click the corresponding section below.

Delta 8 50L Industrial Package

Delta 8 Industrial Package

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Delta 8 Consumables

Delta 8 Consumables

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What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC has become arguably the most popular new cannabinoid product in the hemp industry. It is a cannabinoid naturally found in hemp plants, but at much lower levels than CBD. This is the case for all strains of hemp plant. Though other strains of hemp may have variable levels of cannabinoids like CBD, all strains have relatively low levels of delta 8 making strains specific grows impractical to attain this cannabinoid. Because of this, delta 8 is derived from CBGA (Cannabigerolic acid) through decarboxylation, oxidization and isolation.  

Watch our webinar where we talk all about Delta 8

Process to make Delta 8 products

The science and process to make Delta 8 products from a hemp extract is easy to learn and easy to execute with the right information like extraktLAB’s course, and the laboratory and consumable kits. The basic process requires quality hemp derived CBD isolate that has a cannabinoid content of greater than 95%.

  1. Isolate starting material is mixed with an organic solvent and is heated.
  2. The catalyst is added while stirring.
  3. After heating and stirring for about an hour, the solution will turn a dark amber and become viscous.
  4. The solution is allowed to cool and is poured out of the flask into a separatory funnel containing a washing solution.
  5. The solution is washed repeatedly with water, neutralizer and salt solution.
  6. The solvent is removed from the oil by boiling or roto-vaping.
  7. The oil is improved in appearance and quality with a short path (wiped film or glass ware) apparatus.

This process will produce Delta 8 oils that are approximately 80-85% potent. The oil is then diluted to remove any excess Delta 9 cannabinoids or is diluted to keep the Delta 9 below 0.3%.


Delta 8 Remediation

Removal of Delta 9 from Delta 8 is very difficult due to the fact that both cannabinoids are isomers, but not impossible!

Delta 8 THC Effects

Like all hemp compounds, delta 8 has its own unique effects. Many of the reported effects by those who have used both delta 8 products and delta 9 products claim a similar psychoactive response from both cannabinoids. While the effects of delta 9 products include euphoria, relaxation, and appetite stimulation among others, the effects of delta 8 products tend to be the same as reported from users, but at a more mild level. For this reason, many have turned to delta 8 as opposed to delta 9 because its effects are more mild, and manageable for those sensitive to psychoactive products.

Legal Status of Hemp Derived Delta 8

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant in lower levels. The delta 9 cannabinoid is illegal in most states under the Controlled Substances Act. Hemp, on the other hand, was made legal federally by the 2018 Farm Bill. Industrial hemp is monitored to have no more than 0.3 percent Delta 9. All products that are extracted and used from cannabinoids in this legal plant must end with no more than the standard 0.3% Delta 9. Delta 8 is one of over 100 legal cannabinoids in hemp, meaning it is a legal substance within the United States.


Delta 8 Consumable Kit


Included with the Delta 8 Startup Package is a Delta 8 Consumables Kit. This includes the necessary materials to convert 1kg of isolate material into Delta 8 oil. Included in the kit are:

  • 1 package of purified salt
  • 1 packet of catalyst
  • 1 packet of neutralizer

All of the reagents included in the Delta 8 Consumables Kit are ACS Grade or better to ensure the highest quality Delta 8 conversion in your process.

Delta 8 Consumables and DIY

This package includes a consumable starter pack that will enable you to start producing on your very first day. This process requires a low cost set of equipment . The recommended equipment list includes the following:

  • Glass reactor vessel
  • Insulation
  • Heating mantle + controller.
  • Stir bar
  • Condenser 
  • Dryer 
  • Thermometer plus adaptor
  • Chiller
  • Separatory Funnel + Ring Stand
  • Short Path
  • Rotovap
  • Hood

You may need additional equipment based on your needs.


Consumables package: purified salt, catalyst and neutralizer

For information, tips and instructions for use we recommend you sign up for two of our free exraktUniversity Courses:



Delta 8 50L Industrial Startup Package

This 50L reactor is tailored for Delta 8 production. Equipment features air pumps, heater, solvent reservoirs, manual valves, helium fluid transfer, and overhead stirrer with air motor

  1. Manual System
  2. 50L Stirred Reactor
  3. Air Motor
  4. Heat Exchanger Coupling
  5. High Temperature Ultra Fast Oil Recirculating Heater
  6. Delta 8 Consumables

In addition, you will need to provide compressed air, connections, helium, solvents and code compliant room.

  • Heater Power Requirements: 18 kw, 208V, 3 phase
  • Heater Location: Heater to be located outside of room
  • Compressed Air: Dry, 80 psi, 10 scfm
  • Footprint: 48x48x60 in
  • Gas Pumps: 50 lb cylinder industrial grade helium + regulator


Industrial Delta 8 Package

Includes information, tips and instructions for use 

Production Training Videos

  • Production Training Videos
    • Step by step instructions 
    • Safety tips
    • SOPs
  • Formulation Mini Course
    • Dilution calculators
    • How to read your analytical results
    • Ingredients 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the post contract lead time for installation, setup and training?

Our lead time for the Lab is 5 Weeks. After signature, we will need this time to put the package together. We cater these contracts specifically to our customers and until we have a signature and finalization we do not start on putting the package together due to how often we are changing our contracts. The sooner the signature and finalization, the sooner we can get everything out to you.

You advise to test all raw material and to test after each stage of production. Can you clarify what tests can be performed in house and what needs to be sent out?

Yes, you need to do testing on your product frequently. There are many factors that dictate how frequently testing is required. For example, we recommend testing a batch every 10 kilos made to ensure consistent IF that product is from the same crop. If it is from different crops, this will likely increase the amount of testing you will need to ensure consistency. This kind of testing is performed in house to measure purity and potency so that production can continue. Third-Party testing is necessary for approval of a final product.

The package states we must provide adequate ventilation. Can you please clarify this? Are we going to need a ventilation system with exhaust motors and air filters and scrubbers?

No, you will not need a ventilation system with exhaust motors. Adequate ventilation here means if you are in an enclosed room that you have some sort of venting/fan to circulate and not trap everything in that enclosed room.

How much helium use can we anticipate if we are operating at 300 Liters of production per week?

You will spend roughly $150/Week for industrial grade helium at a production rate of 300L per week.

Is equipment maintenance something we can perform, or do your techs provide maintenance as part of the package and contract?

The equipment that comes with the Delta 8 Conversion Package does not require consistent maintenance. This equipment requires cleaning regularly after use and between batches. This knowledge and training is part of the package that we will share with you during setup.

Do we have the ability to adjust the frequency of the chemical shipping schedule?


After the initial set up and installation, what does extraktLAB support consist of?

There will be tech support/help available to you at no cost whenever you need it! Additional fees are associated with further on-site support.

Will extraktLAB identify and ensure that we will meet all federal, state, and local requirements and regulations for this lab and production?

As part of the consulting and set up commitment extraktLAB can help to maintain GMP Compliances, State Regulations or other URS that you are looking for.

What is the cost of raw materials to convert 1kg of isolate to delta 8?

It will cost $125 US in reagents per Kg of Iso converted.

Do I need to lab test after every liter created to make sure it is good?

Not every liter but you will want to test every batch.

Will the equipment that is included create a final sellable product at the end?

Yes, Delta 8 is ready to go as an oil ingredient product with this lab setup.

Is there more work required after isolate is converted?

Once it is converted you will still need to remove the solvent using a RotoVap or some sort of Falling Film Evaporator. (This does not change the yields)

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