Are you planning on going to the 10 year anniversary of the world’s largest cannabis business conference? Well, so are we! And we wanted to put together a list of five tips that you can use before you head to this awesome event

5. Study Up on the Conference Agenda and Expo Floor

Planning ahead of an event with this much going on is essential if you want to make the most of it. With so many exhibitors, keynote speakers and events, you need to study the agenda to decide which of these opportunities would most benefit you and plan ahead to make sure you can attend them.¬† This doesn’t just apply to the events, however. Make sure you schedule in times for breaks, food, drinks and any other downtime you might need. Remember, this is a very large, very long event, so you need to plan accordingly – which brings us to our next tip…

4. Take it easy and pace yourself

This show is across multiple days and nearly five football fields worth of real estate. Make sure that you are prepared to do a lot of walking and are comfortable doing so. Wear comfortable shoes, pack as light as possible and take regular breaks to keep your spirits high during this awesome event. Also, keep in mind that the events associated with this show often go from before the actual event to well after the doors close. Getting to the event early is critical – you can’t expect to plan a meeting and show up on the dot with everything going as planned. Show up early, and prepare yourself for the many afterparties that will be going on after the event.

3. Plan to Remember Everyone You Meet

Okay, are you likely to remember more than 20,000 people? Probably not, but the goal is still important.There is a lot of networking happening at this event and if you want to make the most of it, you need to keep track of all the connections you make. Maybe a quick selfie with a new connection is a quick way to remember who they are and what was discussed. Take notes on your phone, tablet or other device to keep in mind what was unique about a particular person or the conversation you had with them. This is the world’s largest business conference in the hemp and cannabis industry. The possibilities from the connections you make are endless. If you want to stand out to those connections after the event is over, you need to remember the details. Take the extra time to snap a quick picture or take some notes to make the most of your engagements.

2. Take it All in and Learn as Much as You Can

MJBizCon is an event that brings in over 20,000 attendees and over 900 exhibitors and all of them have potentially useful information that you can take away from them. Take advantage of the pre-conference educational programs, networking events, awards ceremony and gala, and other affiliated events. Whether you are a grower, extractor, investor or anyone else in the industry, you can bet that there are connections to be made, and plenty of worthwhile events that are tailored to your specific needs. Make sure that you are ready to take in as much information as you possibly can. Absorbing all of this information can be daunting, but there are a few things that you can do to make it easier. Going back to our first tip, make sure to plan ahead and see exactly what speakers or other events are worth your time. If you are an extractor, you may not need to go to an event that is directly related to hydroponic growing solutions. But, an event that keys in on the latest distillation equipment in the industry might be worth your time. Also, take notes however and whenever you can. There is a ton of information, and remembering all of it is next to impossible. Follow these tips and you can make the most of the wealth of knowledge available at MJBizCon

1. Meet up with Dr. Jon and extraktLAB!

We will be at the 10 year anniversary of MJBizCon! Dr. Jon is ready to connect with you to talk about hemp and cannabis extraction and the best business practices in the industry in detail. If you would like to talk to an industry expert and learn about the world of extraction, sign up for an official meeting by clicking the link below.

We want to be a resource for you in your journey through the extraction industry and that is why we want to meet you at the world’s largest cannabis business event! If you see Dr. Jon snag a selfie and post to social for swag (US only), but if you are ready to take it to the next level be sure to schedule a one on one or group meeting with Dr. Jon to get a personalized meeting to discuss how you want to succeed in the cannabis & hemp industry with extraktLAB.

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