In this article, we chat with applications chemist, Cole Holstrom, for a look at the CO2Cage and MPCart CO2 monitoring and managment system and why any industry using CO2 could benefit from adding it to their production.


There are many industries outside of the hemp extraction industry that need to use CO2. This could range from beverage, blasting, welding, laser cutting, among extraction of a variety of essential oils and other plant materials.

But, there is a common theme that each of these businesses are faced with: the need to properly implement CO2 monitoring in their process. Luckily, extraktLAB’s CO2 cage solution provides the most safe and efficient way to contain and utilize CO2 in nearly every industry that uses it.

To take a deeper dive into the applications of CO2 use and the CO2Cage system, let’s talk to extraktLAB Applications Chemist, Cole Holstrom for some insider knowledge to the benefits of this CO2 monitoring system.


What is the CO2 Cage & MPCart CO2 Monitoring Solution?

“The CO2Cage and MPCart CO2 supply system arose directly from a need that we saw in the industry,” says Holstrom. “Previously you were able to feed your extractors using CO2 bottles, but as extractors get larger and larger, it becomes impractical to use a large number of tanks ganged together, or change them out twice a day every day. It becomes very labor intensive and you really don’t want to be moving individual CO2 cylinders around all that often because there is a safety risk involved in doing that.”
CO2 Supply Solution

“We figured out that it would be better to have a semi-permanent installation that could be refilled. The MPCart CO2 pump grew out of conversations with liquid CO2 suppliers and saw what they used. It developed out of our own R&D because as we were building bigger and bigger extractors we needed a way to feed them so we could continue our tests and got tired of constantly moving around tanks and decided to create something more efficient.”

The CO2Cage is a micro bulk CO2 tank that holds CO2 at the pressures required to run a lot of extraction equipment. Where bulk Co2 tanks usually around 300 PSI, where the requirements for the extractor is around 800 PSI. So, the CO2Cage acts as a high pressure reservoir that supplies sufficient liquid CO2 to the extractors.”

“It’s not just a reservoir, however,” says Holstrom. “It also has many different sensors to maintain temperature for optimum performance, load cells on its feet to measure the weight in the cage and allows CO2 monitoring of your usage as well.”

Worker using CO2Cage CO2 monitoring solution

“What we’ve found is that there doesn’t seem to be another system in the industry that works quite as efficiently as this.”

“When I work with a customer, I frequently run into an issue where the CO2 gas supplier has a lot of questions when they don’t completely understand the specifications required, so the customer will try to engineer their own solution that doesn’t work well, or costs a lot of money to utilize.”

“So, we find that a lot of suppliers try to reinvent the wheel, but it took us roughly two years of R&D to get the perfect components that make the MPCart and the CO2Cage work as well as they do.”

How Does this CO2 Management System Work?

“Your typical setup involves the CO2Cage positioned next to whatever process is requiring the CO2, in our case this would be our extractors, and the MPCart – which stands for ‘Mobile Pump Cart.’”

“In this industry, a lot of manufacturers are in a state of flux, so you need to have components that are mobile and can be adapted as the facility scales up, or changes as things progress. That’s why the MPCart is designed to be a portable solution.”


Large Product Line CO2 Supply Solution
“Typically the MP Cart will sit next to a bulk source of CO2. This could be a bulk tank on site, or it could be a liquid CO2 truck that pulls up on site. The MPCart then attaches directly to the bulk tank and pumps up the CO2Cage as is required before connecting to extractors or any other piece of equipment that utilizes gas or liquid CO2 (as seen above).”

“What holds the pressure in the CO2Cage are sixteen 100LB DOT Co2 cylinders. These are exactly the same cylinders that you would be getting from your gas suppliers.”

“Some people are leery of a new product that is designed to hold pressure, but it is using the exact same components that are tried and tested by gas suppliers.”


Features of the MPCart and CO2 Cage Solution

“There are a lot of features to the CO2Cage that are designed specifically for CO2 monitoring. Internal temperature is very important because you need to maintain a certain temperature otherwise the system will not produce the correct pressure that it needs.”Inside CO2 Cage CO2 Supply

“And, you don’t want to use uncontrolled heat because you want something that’s going to have feedback to create an optimal temperature that gives the best performance while staying within safety parameters.”

“Speaking on safety, the CO2Cage has many safety features: overpressure detection, pressure relief, onboard CO2 sensors to detect levels and leaks, and a vent port where the system can be connected up to the facility’s ventilation in the event that there is a large pressure discharge.”

“On both the East and West coast, we have toured fire marshalls through our facilities and showed them the applications and features of the CO2Cage. In every case those fire marshalls were very impressed and said that they would prefer to see a system like this in other facilities as opposed to what is normally used for many other manufacturers who utilize CO2.”


CO2 Applications Outside of the Hemp Industry

“In essence, the CO2Cage is simply a CO2 supply that can be gas, or liquid CO2. So, any industry that would typically use individual CO2 cylinders or bottles – especially those that use it in larger quantities, can benefit from using the CO2Cage.

“There is nothing about the features that are specifically dependent on other processes. Wherever you need gas or liquid CO2, the CO2Cage can be used for CO2 monitoring dispensing, and optimization.”

Safest, Most Efficient, CO2 Management Solution

“Safety is such a hurdle for people to jump over… Many times it seems that CO2 containment can cause strained relationships between manufacturers and fire marshals inspecting their facilities. That’s not the case with the CO2Cage. This is a product that is efficient, safe and is well engineered and we are always increasing efficiency. We are constantly refining and improving and are never satisfied with ‘good enough.’”

Want the Best CO2 Monitoring and Management Solution for your Business?

At extraktLAB, we create solutions that are designed to streamline processes and optimize productivity by any means necessary. If you’re interested in adding solutions like the CO2Cage to your product line, give us a call: 651-600-0036