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Take visual tours of high yield and maximum efficiency equipment from extraktLAB to increase the profitability of your hemp and botanical extraction business.

Supercritical CO2 Machine Product Tour

Supercritical CO2 Machine Tour ExtraktLABextraktLAB’s line of supercritical CO2 extractors are the highest in quality, efficiency and GMP compliance in the hemp and botanical industry.

Supercritical CO2 Extractor 180 Product Tour

Supercritical CO2 Extractor 180 tour extraktLABAs extraktLAB’s largest supercritical CO2 extractor, the E-180 is capable of extracting a staggering 844 pounds per day from hemp biomass.

CO2 Extraction Process Tour

CO2 Extraction Process Product Tour extraktLABAt extraktLAB, we pride ourselves in utilizing a clean and green supercritical CO2 extraction method with the highest quality CO2 equipment. This process allows for a completely safe product for consumers, and the safest option for producers and the environment alike.

pure99 Chromatography Tour

Chromatography product tour extraktLABpure99 is a chromatography system designed and optimized for on line preparative separations, with integrative solvent recovery.

Wiped Film Distillation Tour

Distillation product tour extraktLABThe distillation process is absolutely crucial, and extraktLAB has developed the most advanced wiped film distillation machine on the market: the clearSTILL.

fracTron Falling Film Tour

fracTron Tour extraktLAB productSolvent removal and distillation is vital to creating the best hemp and botanical extracts. extraktLAB’s falling film evaporator, the fracTron, is a three-stage fractional solvent distillation system.

CO2 Cage Product Tour

CO2 Cage Product Tour extraktLABextraktLAB has effectively rid the extraction industry of the clumsy methods used in CO2 supply storage with the CO2Cage.

CO2 Pump Product Tour

CO2 Pump Product Tour extraktLABIntegrated with the extraktLAB CO2Cage, the MPCart is a step-up CO2 pump mounted on a moveable cart that provides a consistent supply of CO2 to supercritical CO2 extractors.

Supercritical Extraction Machine

We have the perfect machine for small, medium and large producers. Our model line makes it easy for you to scale your operations while keeping your operating costs at a minimum.

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