Advanced Solvent Removal Without Rotovaps

Advanced Solvent Removal (Without Rotovaps)

The step of solvent removal in CBD extraction and formulation is not just important, it is essential to creating a product that is pure and safe for consumption. In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon discuss the ongoing bottleneck of solvent removal with rotovaps and extraktLAB’s fracTron 1000 three-stage falling film evaporator solution. Listen close to the pros and cons of traditional rotary evaporators, current falling film technologies, and why the fracTron 1000 is the most cutting edge technology in solvent removal.

In a nutshell, solvent removal is necessary to recover, or remove solvent from CBD oil after ethanol extraction or winterization. This is accomplished by applying vacuum pressure and heat to a thin film of oil causing it to evaporate from the oil before condensing and collecting in a receiver flask, or other capture vessel. Because the cannabinoids have a higher boiling point than the solvent, it remains in the oil while the vacuum pressure lowers the necessary temperature further to reduce any damage to the cannabinoids. After the solvent has been collected, it can be disposed of, or recycled for extraction and winterization.

All in all, the solvent removal process is not particularly complicated, but current technology like rotary evaporators are frequently considered to be a bottleneck in the solvent removal process. So, what’s the alternative? Listen in and find out how to perform advanced solvent removal without the use of rotovaps using extraktLAB’s fracTron 1000.

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[07:08] – Pros and cons falling film vs rotovap

[17:32] – Pros and cons of Rotary Evaporator for ethanol removal

[20:38] – Why the Fractron is the best falling film evaporator

[27:59] – Characteristic comparison chart

[31:01] – What are the applications for a falling film evaporator?

[31:34] – Calculator Solvent recovery and Ethanol evaporation recovery

[33:20] – How do I make money!?

[34:17] – Ethanol Removal Cost Calculator

[45:27] – How many rotovaps will fractron replace?

[51:25] – FAQs and blog posts

[53:23] – The Hemp and botanical Industry

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