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Terpene Recovery Guide

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic chemical compounds providing numerous aromas and flavors around the world. Many terpenes are also utilized for their health benefits. There are roughly 20,000 known terpenes in the world with over 100 of them present in various cannabis plant strains. Is your terpene recovery process sufficient?

Download the Terpene Recovery: A Guide to the Process to learn more about the value of terpenes, and how to improve profits with terpene recovery.

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Value of Terpenes?
Broad spectrum terpenes recovered from an extract result in a purer & clearer end product, as processed or synthesized terpenes aren’t needed.

Organic or Synthetic Terpenes
There is little evidence to suggest synthetic terpenes are less safe but more studies could prove them to be less than desirable.

Entourage Effect
Terpenes may play a significant role in the effects on the body when certain terpenes are paired, this is the ‚ÄúEntourage Effect‚ÄĚ.

Download the Terpene Recovery Guide: A Guide to the Process to learn more about the value of terpenes, their extraction methods, and their role in the cannabis industry. It covers topics such as common cannabis-derived terpenes, organic versus synthetic terpenes, and the importance of terpenes in the medical and recreational markets. The guide also explores the methods and techniques for proper terpene recovery in the extraction process.

What are Terpenes?

How Valuable Are Terpenes?

Best Way to Capture Your Terpenes