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Hemp Curing Guide

Why Take the Time to Cure Hemp?

Curing hemp is an undervalued process. This guide will explain further the differences in drying and curing hemp and why you want to take the time to do this step well. Please note: This is not a set it and forget it method. To achieve the best possible results takes the experience from hands-on approach.

Download the Hemp Curing Guide: A Guide to the Process to learn about different methods and processes to dry, cure, and store your hemp…

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Drying is the process of removing the majority (70-80%) of moisture from the plant and flowers.

Cure to Improve Quality
The ideal curing process involves drying in a controlled environment at 55-65ºF and 40- 60% humidity.

Reduce & eliminate heat, light, and oxygen from reaching the finished flower in a breathable container.

Download the Hemp Curing Guide: A Guide to the Process to learn more about why it is
invaluable to take the time to cure hemp.

What is curing vs drying?

How grade flower for curing

Best storage practices


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