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Solvent Removal Guide

What is Solvent Removal?

There are several types of solvents potentially used in hemp extraction. Since solvents are used to dissolve unwanted portions, you don’t want the solvent to remain in the extracts or oils. Solvent removal is a necessary part of the process to eliminate dilution and reach the goals of the separation.

Download the Solvent Removal: A Guide to the Process to learn more about solvent removal, solvent loss, and solvent recovery.

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What Are Solvents?
CO2 is a cleaner and safer solvent. Solvents are used in the hemp extraction process to dissolve cannabinoids in the resinous plant trichomes.

Why Use Falling Film (fracTron)?
The fracTron reduces, or may even eliminate, the need for multiple batch passes and it completely removes solvents.

Throughput Comparison
See a comparison on utilizing falling film evaporation (fracTron) vs. Rotary Evaporators.

Download the Solvent Removal: A Guide to the Process to learn more about the cleanest
solvent and how to yield higher profits with less solvent loss and higher returns in
solvent recovery.

What are the Properties of Popular Solvents?

How to Yield Higher Throughput

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for Equipment & Processes

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