Insider Secrets to Selecting a Hemp Processor

Business partnerships in any industry can be as risky as they are lucrative. When it comes to choosing a partner in the CBD extraction industry, there are important factors to consider just like any other business opportunity. While each industry has its own set of guidelines, some mesh together with the hemp industry including product handling and storage, health and safety precautions, personnel training and more. Without considering these factors, a business partnership can turn sour and loss of profits become inevitable.

Specifically in the hemp and CBD industry, some unique considerations need to be understood when choosing the right hemp processing partner. Some of these factors may include product formulation testing equipment, laboratory setup, biomass procurement and inspection among others. It is also important to consider the legal requirements in this ever changing environment and whether or not a potential partner is on the same page as you when it comes to following local and federal regulations.

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon discuss all there is to know about choosing a hemp processing partner. Whether you are a new startup looking to find the ideal partner to start your hemp processing adventure, or an experienced extractor branching out to the next potential project, Dr. Jon and Randall have valuable information you can benefit from in this episode.

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[00:00] – Welcome
[04:06] – Product Tours
[07:02] – Insider Secrets to Selecting a Hemp Processor
[07:37] – Outline
[09:35] – Criteria for Evaluation
[10:33] – Criteria for Evaluation: Quality Systems
[11:07] – Criteria for Evaluation: Organic Certification
[12:52] – Criteria for Evaluation: Customer Service
[16:15] – Criteria for Evaluation: Clinical Grade Oils
[17:45] – Criteria for Evaluation: Price or Flexibility of Terms
[19:10] – Criteria for Evaluation: Testing Availability
[19:27] – Criteria for Evaluation: Capacity & Timing
[20:47] – How to prepare our crop for processing: Harvest
[22:40] – How to prepare our crop for processing: Drying
[26:21] – How to prepare our crop for processing: Curing
[35:23] – How to prepare our crop for processing: Shuck & Buck
[44:45] – How to prepare our crop for processing: Package
[45:19] – Setting Expectations
[48:49] – How to Estimate yield? (
[50:15] – Top 5 Facts you need to know about testing cannabis or hemp or CBD
[53:00] – Why CO2 Oils are Clinical Grade
[54:10] – Transportation
[55:06] – How to drive your processor crazy
[56:23] – Final Words

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