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Here at ExtraktLAB, our team of experts specialize in providing our clients with the innovative tools and technologies necessary to make sure their projects reach success. With over two decades of experience in the field, we offer a full suite of offerings pertaining to feasibility, methodology and pilot services.

Our Feasibility Studies provide an effective way to understand the application methods needed to validate and verify your project’s target goals. Meanwhile, our Methodology Optimization will put your data to work and maximize efficiency and purity. And finally, our Pilot Services will help you scale your operations safely and reliably.

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Feasibility Study

With our feasibility study services, you provide us with input materials and goals and we can come up with a go-no-go on whether ingredient can be viably extracted and the the application methods needed to prove the concepts.

Methodology Optimization

Once we have a blueprint for the project, it is time to optimize the process for efficiency and purity. We will utilize the data gathered during the feasibility study to optimize and streamline the process.

Pilot Services

Lastly, we take the data from the methodology optimization and scale the operation to a 1000lb batch in order to ensure that targets can be reached at scale.


• Quick and cost-effective process
• Defined target with clear “Accept Criteria”
• Validated and verified application methods to prove concept

• Utilizes data collected during feasibility study
• Method optimized for efficiency and purity
• Results in improved operation

• Data from Methodology Optimization applied to 1000 lb batch scale
• Assurance that targets can be reached at scale
• Allows for precise analysis of end results

Our team has decades of experience in a variety of industries and are always delighted to provide advice tailored to your individual needs. Before any formal quotations are sent, we’d be more than happy to have a virtual meeting to discuss your project’s intent.

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Thoroughness of the presentation was great! There wasn’t another option once I realized you would come to my facility for three days to set everything up and make sure it was running properly. You even made sure we understood the process and left information for us to learn how to replicate the process.

Good equipment with stellar support.

Thanks for returning my calls and emails. Very responsive which is very unlike this industry.

Great equipment. Great service.

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