DrainDroyd Vacuum Filtration

Fastest Vacuum Filtration Apparatus in the Industry – 1 L/Min

extraktLAB’s answer to vacuum filtration, this large 316 stainless steel  Büchner funnel enables higher throughput vacuum filtration.  The DrainDroyd also has many attractive accessories including lids, cooling jackets, and condensers.  Many customers use the vacuum filter apparatus to eliminate the frustrating bottleneck of slow filtration time.

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What is a DrainDroyd?

The DrainDroyd vacuum filtration system was launched in late 2017, with over 1,000 units sold since. It was named one of the top 10 “Killer Technologies” of 2019 by MJBiz Magazine. While the equipment is often used in the hemp extraction industry, DrainDroyd is also popular in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage and chemical industries.

DrainDroyd vacuum filtration equipment makes high-throughput wax removal from winterized ethanol solutions possible as opposed to traditional gravity filtering products. When you choose DrainDroyd, you eliminate frustrating restrictions such as many hours of labor with small scale BĂĽchner funnels and glass breakage. Our innovative vacuum filtration equipment also reduces the number of steps in your overall filtrations process and leads to the production of higher quality hemp extract products.

DrainDroyds in Winterize Wax Filtration Room

How Does Vacuum Filtration Work?

Similar to Büchner funnels and some other vacuum filtrations, DrainDroyd’s vacuum filtration system is designed to separate fats, waxes and other solids from hemp or cannabis extracts. This is done by pouring a winterized ethanol/crude oil mixture through a filter paper that captures the remaining solids while the desired liquid is pulled through a funnel via vacuum into a collection vessel or flask.

The difference, however, between DrainDroyd and traditional vacuum filtration systems is a superior filtration throughput with a wider range of capabilities. The DrainDroyd vacuum filtration unit is a handy addition to the workflow of any hemp or cannabis oil manufacturing operations designed to not only filter solids like waxes from liquids, but also for removing large solids from small solids such as is required in isolate products or in solid phase extractions of any kind.

Filtration Bottlenecks

If you have top-of-the-line high output CO2 extraction equipment, you should match it with a vacuum filtration apparatus that can keep up. When you’re constantly getting tired of using slow throughput Büchner funnels to pass product through the same slow-drip process again and again, then you’ve got to consider adding a DrainDroyd capable of filtering 5 liters of winterized oil in just 5 minutes! After you add up all of the saved hours labor and production time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

DrainDroyd Filtration Process

Get the Most Effective Filtration System Today!

Dewax an Average of 5L of Winterized Oil in 5 Minutes. Deploy a DrainDroyd and eliminate productivity killers, like the dreaded bottleneck problem, today. .

Advantages and Benefits

Dewaxing Crude Oil Faster

If Büchner funnels and other traditional vacuum filtration systems are causing filtration bottlenecks in your oil extraction post process they are costing you time and money. It’s time to consider upgrading to the DrainDroyd.

Dewaxing crude oil with traditional lab equipment, like BĂĽchner funnels, often presents manufacturing bottlenecks that hinder businesses from seeing any consistent revenue.

DrainDroyd offers a much wider stainless steel funnel compared to any typical vacuum filtration apparatus. Because it’s wider and more durable than glass, the DrainDroyd is capable of 1 liter of oil per minute where gravity filtration of the same quantity of oil with conventional equipment can take hours.

Whether your extraction business is using butane, ethanol or CO2 for an extraction solvent, the DrainDroyd breaks down all barriers and offers a bottleneck solution that will help you achieve the most optimal ROI in the industry.

  • Fastest vacuum filtration method in the industry.
  • Provides superb cleanability and sanitation between batches.
  • Easy integration into existing processes.
  • No broken glass or spillage.
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DrainDroyd Starter Kit

DrainDroyd filter flask with stand.
Containment vessel with expeller nozzle.
Vacuum pump with hoses.
Package of 100 count filter paper in 3, 5, 10, and 20 micron sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need CO2 when we have to use ethanol for winterization?

When CO2 is used to extract hemp biomass, Fatty acids and waxes and resins can be Co-extracted along with the cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. The amount that is extracted depends on the pressure of the CO2 extraction. In general the higher the pressure and longer the runtime, the More acids and waxes will be extracted.
Low pressure CO2 extraction methods known as subcritical CO2 extraction produce extracts that require only very little post processing. Many companies actually skip the winterization process depending on what they are using the oils for. The trade-off 4 lowering the extraction pressure two subcritical is that the Run time increases greatly. the flow rate must be increased to compensate for the lower run time. In the case of our extraction equipment, the flow rate increases as the pressure goes down so those customers Desiring to runs of critical methods are able to do so With significant efficiency.
In the case of supercritical CO2 extraction, winterization is likely going to be needed. Winterization is the process of removing fats and waxes from the hemp extract. The process involves dissolving the CBD oil coming out of the CO2 extractor in food grade ethanol and subsequently chilling the ethanol oil mixture down to minus 20 degrees Celsius. The fats and waxes are less soluble at those temperatures and they will precipitate while the cannabinoids remain in solution.
A filter is then used to filter off the fats and waxes onto a filter. The cannabinoids and CBD oils remain in solution And are introduced into a falling film evaporator.The ethanol is removed from the solution and may be reused once it has been re-conditioned and tested for reuse.
The amount of ethanol that is used in the winterization process is very small compared to the amount of ethanol that is used during an ethanol extraction. For example, one gallon of ethanol is required to fluidize one pound of hemp for ethanol extraction of hemp. 1000 lb of hemp well then by extension requires 1000 gallons of ethanol.
In contrast, 1000 lb of hemp at 10% cannabinoid will produce approximately 100 lbs of CBD oil. 100 lb of CBD oil Approximately 30 gallons Of CBD oil, so 180 gallons of ethanol is needed to winterize 30 gallons of CBD oil.

Has applying membrane filtration technology to remove wax and lipid matured?

After many decades of research and development, We have not yet reached the promised land of worry-free membrane filtration for complex matrices that include waxes and resins. The issue with membranes is one thing: Membrane fouling. Unlike membranes that are used for water, membranes that are exposed to waxes and other cellular debris tend to foul out. When they do foul, they often need to be cleaned, back flushed or changed out leading to a high maintenance and consumable operating cost.
Another issue with membranes is that as they foul over time, their efficiency and their selectivity changes over time. Therefore a fresh filter will not be as good as an aged filter.
It is really difficult to beat a low-cost paper filter for wax filtration. You use the paper once and when it begins to foul you change it out and throw it away. Even though you will be changing out the filter often, it will still be much less expensive than having to troubleshoot a fluidic system that includes a membrane.

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