Maintenance Package

Many GMP facilities require routine maintenance and qualification of their equipment and instrumentation to ensure system suitability over time. Manufacturing equipment often requires maintenance of seals, valves, firmware updates, and inspection of all the various fittings to ensure a leak free operation. Regular maintenance inspections can help identify hidden issues that may manifest over time.

extraktlab offers maintenance service for each of its pieces of equipment. Maintenance items include and are limited to extraktLAB equipment and replaceable items as defined in the manual.

Manufacturing Equipment Requires Regular Maintenance

  • Seals
  • Valves
  • Firmware Updates
  • Various Fitting Inspection
  • 1- Year Preventative Maintenance
  • Renewal rights up to Five Years
  • 3-4 visits per year as required
  • Training refresh & re-certification if needed

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  • Complete tear down & cleaning of the unit
  • Replacement of common wear items & routine maintenance pars such as: ball valves, needle valves, stickers, cleaning, plumbing, fittings, piping, firmware updates.
  • Allowance for one pump diaphragm per year
  • Re-certifications, thermocouples and pressure sensors
  • Offset adjustment for sensors
  • Inventory & reccommended replenishment of spare parts on hand
  • Firmware updates
  • Any contracted updates, such as hardware improvements
  • Re-run SAT test
  • Re-train any new operators
  • We maintain equipment manufactured within the previous five years

Additional Notes

  • Does not include conveyance costs
  • Travel is note included in the cost of the maintenance package. Upon completion of work, travel will be billed separately to the customer
  • Accounts must be current for maintenance technicians to be deployed
  • Spare parts beyond the approved list of deliverables are not included
  • Documentation is supplied in PDF format, property of United Science, and confidential for the specified equipment.¬†
  • Maintenance package has no implied or expressed warranty or guarantee of compliance with local, federal or international regulations.

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