Outdoor Cultivation Process & Layout Design

Process and layout design defines the basis of the cultivation process along with the associated equipment, farm layout, and its interaction with the material flow. The process design specifies critical supporting utilities, supporting irrigation systems and their relevant specifications, water well locations, special piping and instrument requirements, and the actual process itself. The process design also specifies the expected capability of the process. 

After the process is completed, the design is typically commissioned by the customer to ensure that it is built correctly an according to all the specifications that are in the process documentation.

The process proceeds in a series of phases as follows:

  1. The stakeholders shall be identified and provide product definition and quality specifications for those products. The stakeholders shall also define their current and future desired capability goals for the production facility.
  2. The existing site and as-built architectural drawings shall be reviewed and locations of existing walls, HVAC, sanitary and utilities identified. If drawings are not available, drawings will need to be made by the Customer and verified by United Science.
  3. The customer shall then facilitate a virtual inspection of the facility with the stakeholders to verify utility locations. Based on the supplied drawings and the virtual inspection, we then proceed to make an initial process design options.
  4. In the fourth phase, we conduct an on site design review with all stakeholders. The outcome of this review shall be to agree on the basis of design, the unit operations, identify risks, obtain approval for workflow and initial equipment placement, and to agree on process capability for the design. We then obtain approvals incorporating all stakeholder inputs in addition to identifying risks for the design before we proceed to the engineering phase
  5. In the fifth phase we engineer the processes and create the Deliverables.
  6. Finally, risks are identified with stakeholders that will impact the quality and specifications of the identified products. These risks are managed and or eliminated by process or facility risk management.

Whether you are building from scratch or retrofitting an existing building to meet your manufacturing and packaging needs, our expert designers will help you develop your ideal botanical extraction lab.


  • Basis of the design for the cultivation
  • Drawings showing field planting layout
  • Drawings showing workflow & process design
  • Seed recommendation based on location

Standard Operating Procedures

  • SOPs for Testing
  • SOPs for Pest Management
  • SOPs for Daily Inspection
  • SOPs for Male Identification

Lists, Recommendations & Requirements

We offer several different levels of service including:

  • Farming Equipment List
  • Consumables List
  • Required Utilities
  • P&ID for Irrigation
  • List of Equipment & Material for Irrigation
  • Nutrients & Soil Requirements Recommendations
  • Chemical Inventory

Additional Notes

  • The allowed time to start and complete the process outlined above is greater than 3 months after signing the agreement for services, the contract will be considered to be completed in full and the terms completely satisfied even if the designs have not been finalized and engineering has not yet been completed.
  • At extraktLAB’s sole discretion, it will provide engineering and plans beyond the 3 month limit
  • Design phase includes one design and one iteration based on the design review. If the design phase takes more than three months, the contract shall be considered fulfilled even if the engineered drawings are not delivered.
  • Additional designs are charged at $5000 USD per design
  • The customer is responsible for approving the design of the process and qualifying the process

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