extakTALKS Interview: Dr. Benjamin Caplan

In this special episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon sits down with Dr. Benjamin Caplan to discuss a number of health related topics in the hemp and cannabis industry. Dr. Benjamin Caplan of CED Clinic has served as Chief Medical Officer of Canna Care Docs overseeing more than 250,000 patients. He has a tremendous amount of experience helping patients with their illnesses including sleep, anxiety and pain issues with hemp and cannabis products. Dr. Caplan started his studies at Tufts University, and completed his residency at Boston University. He is the founder of CED Foundations and the CED Clinic. He is now a certified doctor of Family Medicine in the medical cannabis industry.

During their conversation, Dr. Jon and Dr. Caplan discussed topics ranging from personalized cannabis product care for patients, bio availability of each ingestion method, the seemingly controversial topic of pediatric cannabis care, the cannabis health industry during the coronavirus pandemic and much, much more. Listen in for the expert opinion from Dr. Jon and Dr. Caplan in the ever expanding world of the cannabis health industry, the research conducted (and yet to be conducted), and the increasing relevance of cannabinoid therapy amongst a broken medical system in the world of western medicine.

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Twitter: @drcaplan
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpd38hdlsPDRsDxSTKoXLoQ
LinkedIn: bencaplanmd
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[00:00] Introduction
[01:09] Welcome Dr. Caplan
[02:45] “I Want Help Falling Asleep”
[05:24] Have you had a patient, after getting prescribed, come back and say it was too much?
[06:53] Can you explain your app?
[09:02] How has telemedicine affected your business?
[12:15] Do you have on site compounding?
[14:06] Do you add beta caryophyllene or myrcene to you formulations?
[15:27] When would you recommend a cbd vapor over a hemp lotion?
[18:26] How do lotions penetrate the skin to reach the muscle?
[19:32] Do you have any issues or any thoughts on taking a lot of like edibles versus a vapor?
[21:35] What do you do with adverse events?
[24:11] How have you interacted with industrial pharmaceutical FDA complex
[26:24] What has been your approach to the pediatric side of this?
[30:34] What would you say to people who want to have clinicals on every indication?
[34:01] Where can people find out more information about you?

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