Extraction: Past, Present, and Future

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon and Randall walk through the history of solvent extraction. They explain in detail what techniques were used in the past, the advancements of the techniques we use in the present, as well as innovations that are leading us into the future. In the hemp industry. Solvent extraction has become widely popular and profitable for those looking to create their own extraction business.

Outside of this industry, solvent extraction has been used for decades, or longer. A common practice of solvent extraction can be found in essential oils extraction. In order to create essential oil products, solvents like ethanol can be used to strip the terpenes and other plant components from things like lavender, rosemary, lemon, peppermint and more, in order to create an oil that can be used in a variety of settings. This, like hemp, is a very effective way to create potent, quality products from plant biomass.

Whether you are ready to start your own extraction business, or are simply curious about the extraction processes used to create hemp products like tinctures, topicals, dabs, edibles and more, you need to listen to this episode of extrakTALKS to hear Dr. Jon and Randall’s’ take on the past, present and future of the extraction industry.

LISTEN to this episode:

[00:00] – Welcome!
[06:11] – What is extraction?
[09:25] – Common extraction examples
[11:08] – What makes an extraction technique good?
[12:57] – Criteria 1: Solubility
[16:42] – Criteria 2: Mobility
[20:53] – How to speed up extraction?
[22:34] – What is an extraction method?
[27:22] – Pros and Cons for different extraction techniques
[33:02] – Pros and Cons for different solvents for extraction
[40:21] – How do I optimize an extraction method?
[40:33] – Pros and Cons for different Equipment for enhancing extraction
[46:02] – The future of extraction
[49:29] – Are you excited to see where the variations in technique are going?
[52:45] – Facilities scalability from small to large
[54:47] – What about onsite processing?
[57:30] – With a small ethanol facility, what can we do to improve efficiencies, capacity, speed, and quality?
[01:02:00] – Final words

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