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Solvent removal and distillation is vital to creating the best hemp and botanical extracts. extraktLAB's fully automated falling film evaporator, the fracTron 1000, is a three-stage fractional solvent distillation system that leaves standard solvent removal equipment like rotary evaporators in the past. Take a visual tour inside the fracTron 1000 and see the technology for yourself.

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extraktLAB’s fracTron 1000 is a three-stage fractional falling film solvent distillation system designed for a rapid and complete removal of volatiles from liquids. It supports a throughput capacity of 40 gallons per hour in a continuous process flow. The fracTron 1000 is capable of supporting three, independent fractional separations with independent mass flow and temperature control allowing controlled, precise solvent removal in an enclosed, three-stage pass. An inert carrier gas is incorporated to accelerate throughput while eliminating flammability concerns. The fracTron 1000 also contains programmable methods that enable automated GMP process control with reporting and GMP certified stainless steel materials supporting global market requirements.

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