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Integrated with the extraktLAB CO2Cage, the MPCart is a step-up CO2 pump mounted on a moveable cart that provides a consistent supply of CO2 to supercritical CO2 extractors. Take an interactive visual tour of the MPCart to see how this solution shines for CO2 extraction setups.

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extraktLAB’s MPCart is a step-up CO2 pump that is mounted on a moveable cart that is integrated with the operating functions of the CO2Cage. It draws CO2 from outdoor bulk storage tanks at 300 PSI and steps the pressure up to 800 PSI to maintain a constant fill in the CO2Cage. The MPCart is controlled by the electronics and touch screen display onboard the CO2Cage for automated replenishment. It comes with 120 feet of CO2 hose and power cabling that connects to the CO2 Cage for maximum versatility in factory floor placement. The MPCart provides safe, dependable CO2 supply to the extraktLAB CO2Cage in a fully integrated system.


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