The distillation process is absolutely crucial, and extraktLAB has developed the most advanced wiped film distillation machine on the market: the clearSTILL 400. Take an inside look at the clearSTILL 400 using our visual tour.

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The clearSTILL 400 is a two-stage wiped film distillation machine that performs two independent distillation passes in a single contained cycle. The result is clear, golden distillate with high potency for use in a variety of hemp product formulations. The clearSTILL 400 supports a throughput capacity of 4-6 liters – double the throughput and labor efficiency of standard single passed wiped film evaporators on the hemp market. The clearSTILL 400 also provides the best possible solution for opening the production bottleneck created by conventional wiped film distillation equipment while significantly reducing overall labor costs. The clearSTILL 400 is without question the most advanced wiped film distillation system on the market.

Supercritical Extraction Machine

We have the perfect machine for small, medium and large producers. Our model line makes it easy for you to scale your operations while keeping your operating costs at a minimum.

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