What is CBD/CBD Oil & How to Make CBD Oil

EIt’s undeniable that CBD has exploded in popularity in recent years, but what exactly is CBD? What is CBD oil? How is it made? The fact is there are a lot of variables to the extraction of CBD from hemp and the methods used to create CBD oil for product formulation. If you’ve never tried CBD before, you may wonder what the benefits of using it are and why it is so popular. There are an enormous amount of studies and first person testimonials that CBD and CBD oil products are used for including stress, pain, inflammation and a number of other applications. For this reason, the rise of the CBD oil extraction industry has been booming since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that fully legalized the production of CBD oil on a national level. In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon and Randall Thompson quickly detail the basics of CBD, CBD oil and how to make it.

Randall and Dr. Jon talk about all things CBD. The discussion is about how to make it, what equipment is used, and how to ingest

LISTEN to this episode:

1:16 What is CBD?
4:45 What is CBD oil?
8:56 How do you make CBD oil?
9:05 Step 1: get high quality hemp
9:42 Step 2: put hemp into a jar
9:52 Step 3: use high proof alcohol
10:36 Step 4: pour into a drip filter
11:12 Step 5: remove the alcohol

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