Top 5 Things Investors Need to Know About CBD Processing

When it comes to CBD processing and the hemp extraction industry, investors have become increasingly interested in their involvement. With the CBD industry projected to grow by the billions within the next few decades, the potential for monetary gain as an investor in this industry is a promising prospect. Of course, as with any investment, there are a number of considerations to keep mind of before diving into the CBD processing industry.

With the booming of the CBD industry in recent years, profits are ever-increasing for extraction businesses. Of course, this often draws in partnerships and profitable investment opportunities, but also creates its own set of concerns that are necessary for an ideal business venture. Whether you are new to the industry, or an CBD extraction veteran, would you know the most important considerations before investing?

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon discuss five important considerations for any investor interested in investing in the CBD industry. Some of these considerations discussed are: Where is the CBD industry headed? What are the potential risks involved in investing? Necessary information to maximize operating profits, objectives necessary to improve top line revenue, and scale up strategies for hemp startups and operating businesses. By implementing these five factors, your chances of success are exponentially increased - listen up in this episode of extrakTALKS to find out how.

LISTEN to this episode:

[00:00] - Welcome
[05:00] - Give Away winner
[07:33] - The investor's perspective
[08:55] - Randy's Top 5
[09:45] - Dr. Jon's Top 5
[11:50] - Operational Excellence -
[12:17] - Randy's #1 Is this a growth opportunity
[17:24] - Where is that opportunity headed?
[19:55] - Dr. Jon's #1 Cannabis and hemp are different markets with different risk factors
[24:40] - Having the wrong team
[26:11] - Tell me an example of a risk overlooked
[30:42] - Randy's #2 Facility Intelligence
[31:23] - Make sure you have a good Proforma
[33:14] - Have dry powder and don't spend every dime
[34:09] - Proforma Simplified
[35:27] - Understand what the sales plan is
[37:34] - Improve Topline Revenue
[38:08] - Positioning and branding
[41:16] - Jon's Improve and grow your topline revenue
[42:23] - Jon's rule of two
[44:26] - Pricing over time
[45:20] - Loans for potential processors
[48:47] - Operational excellence is key to profitability and growth management
[52:38] - Final Words
[54:41] - Walk through on the Rule of Two

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