Summary of CO2 vs. Ethanol

There are a number of methods used to extract hemp extract products, but two in particular are in a constant competition for the proverbial crown. Supercritical CO2 and ethanol are both effective extraction solvents that have been used in the industry for a number of years and there are pros and cons to each. Ethanol and CO2 are both powerful and efficient extraction methods in terms of throughput, efficiency and potent end products.

In fact, each of these methods have been used for years in a variety of extraction industries including essential oils, cooking products and coffee decaffeination. So, it would seem there is a time and place for both ethanol and CO2 in the hemp industry… However, extraktLAB continually turns to supercritical CO2 as their extraction solvent of choice due to its clean and green status, reliable efficiency and lack of residual contamination when compared to denatured ethanol.

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon and Randall discuss a 30,000 ft high overview, breaking down which extraction method is right for your hemp extraction business. Dr. Jon compares supercritical CO2 and ethanol methods of extraction for hemp. Listen closely as they expose the pros, cons, facts, and myths spread throughout the cannabis and hemp extraction industry.

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