The Most Boring Episode – All About Leachables

Packing is often a little talked about, often overlooked aspect of any business operation. In the extraction industry, however, packaging is a critical aspect of the industry. There are so many rigorous specifications necessary to comply with a legal consumable CBD product it would be a shame to follow them all only to find that your packaging contains leachables that find their way into your product. Leachables are materials that can find their way into a product that would otherwise be safe for consumption and cause it to be unfit for human consumption. This is why packaging and monitoring of leachables is of vital importance in your extraction operation. In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon and Randall Thompson discuss this invigorating topic including discussion on wetted materials, food contact notification specifications, safe and unsafe packaging materials and more.

Randall and Dr. Jon talk about leachables within product packaging.

LISTEN to this episode:

0:00 Introduction
2:40 Leachables and product packaging
3:45 PET plastics and other leachables
4:52 Food Contact Notification Regulations
6:20 The movement to avoid leachables
6:55 Leachables in seals
9:20 Quality management and GMP compliance
10:00 Producing and testing products for consumption
11:11 How far safe packaging has come
12:50 Validation
16:00 Full Risk Assessment
16:55 SOPs and steps for validation
19:15 Validated Methods
20:00 Final Thoughts

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