Decarb Smackdown #1

Dr. Jon Discus Decarboxylation, the different methods, and benefits of retrieving terpenes directly from the biomass.

Decarboxylation is not only important, it is essential in the hemp and cannabis extraction process. The decarb process is the process of introducing heat in order to convert cannabinoids like THC and CBD from their acidic forms to their neutral forms so that the human body can absorb and use them. Without this, cannabinoids would be ineffective when consumed. So, when and how should decarboxylation be performed in the extraction process? How is this done effectively? What other benefits does decarboxylation have in your operation? In this episode of extrakTALKS. Dr. Jon discuss the process of decarboxylation and the benefits it holds including more efficient extraction, high quality terpene recovery and more. 

LISTEN to this episode:

[00:00] - Decarb Smackdown
[00:54] - What is Decarboxylation?
[03:35] - Why Should You Decarboxylate?
[05:10] - Marketing Gimmick of Hemp Oil Online
[05:53] - Activation For Bioavailability
[07:40] - Decarboxylate For Formulation
[08:40] - Two Processes for Decarboxylation
[10:28] - Free Education
[12:06] - 7 Reasons to Decarboxylate In Biomass
[12:16] - #7 Recover Useable Natural Terpenes
[13.33] - #6 Co2 Extraction Is 5-10x Faster
[14:15] - Cosolvent Extraction Method
[15:09] - #5 Preservation of Pure Natural Terpenes
[17:30] - #4 Not Cooking The Hell Out Of The Oils
[18:00] - #3 You Can Sell Those Terpenes!
[19:08] - #2 Can Convert THC to CBN
[19:40] - #1 Dries Out The Biomass
[21:00] - Three Ways To Decarb
[21:45] - Overview of Method 1: Vacuum Distillation
[22:43] - Terp Trap
[24:18] - Dr. Jon's Explanation of Vacuum Distillation
[26:42] - What is Vacuum Distillation and Why is it so great?
[28:35] - V Mixer
[29:23] - A Standard Installation
[30:20] - Randall's Summary
[31:05] - CBD Jam Session

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