All Things Distillation

Distillation is not a new technology by any means, but advances in the industrial hemp and cannabis industry are appearing in strides. From essential oils, to spirits, to cannabis concentrates, the distillation process is critical to create a pure, refined product. So, what developments have been made in hemp oil processing equipment, and how do those developments affect the hemp and cannabis industry?

Distillation techniques have been used for years in cannabis and commercial industries. In fact, the essential oil industry has been using this technology for many years before the 2018 Farm Bill allowed for the legal extraction and distillation of CBD from hemp. In both industries, the process is very much the same. But within recent years, much of the technology has also remained the same as well. Is there room for improvement? Yes. Does extraktLAB have the solution? We believe so.

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon and Randall Thompson discuss all the ins and outs of the distillation process. Listen as Dr. Jon simplifies this complicated, but crucial step in hemp and cannabis extraction including how distillation works, why it’s important to create a quality product, wiped film distillation technology and extraktLAB’s advanced wiped film evaporator: the clearSTILL.

LISTEN to this episode:

[00:00] – Welcome!
[06:33] – Distillation Explained!
[08:16] – What is a Wiped Film Evaporator?
[12:31] – Process to Make CBD Distillate
[19:49] – Wiped Film Evaporators in Hemp Extraction
[24:29] – Distilling CBD
[28:46] – Wiped Film Evaporator Distillate Potency
[30:49] – How Wiped Film Distillation Works
[34:07] – Number of Wiped Film Evaporators Needed for Hemp Extraction Operation
[34:57] – Wiped Film Evaporators vs. Short Path Distillation Unites
[37:10] – Separate THC from CBD?
[44:06] – Wiped Film Evaporation & Short Path Distillation Techniques Comparison
[48:45] – Final Words

Welcome to extrakTALKS with Dr. Jon podcast. Dr. Jon is CEO and president of extraktLAB and United Science; an industry leader in hemp processing and cannabis in the extraction industry. Listen closely as Dr. Jon talks about his experiences, CBD extraction methodology and the ins and outs of owning your own business. Dr. Jon teaches you healthy business practices, how to increase your profits and steps to take your CBD company to a whole new level. Let’s dive in.


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And we’re building, there’s guys using them to help build their, their business plans. They’re doing evaluations on what to do with their ethanol processes, how to either convert or to minimize their costs, everything. I mean, it’s amazing,


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So good resources, 


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lots of resources there. What’s wonderful about the calculators is that you’re able to, you know, kind of self serve, but we’re there to help you. So when you have a question about, you know, maybe an assumption within the calculator, or something along those lines, feel free to give us a call. You know, reach out, reach out on the receiver will make you a believer. 


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So we’re trying to make it more and more and more intelligent. So at some point in time in the future, it will become more intelligent than us.


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they do that. Yeah, they do do that. Hey, congratulations Rob Mark court from Elite extraction and utar All right, congratulations. You won something. What?


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drainDROYD hoodie


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Yeah. And and a swag bag.


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Yeah. And Elijah is in utar. So I think he might even hand deliver that. Rob. Congratulations. Thank you for being here. That’s good. There’s a hole. The paragraph is much smaller from Jared Jared, thanks, reach a shout out to Jared for at least cutting that paragraph in half. On that, lots of resources, lots of cool things today. distillation 


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Dr. Jon  04:57



Randall Thompson  04:58

we can do that really fast distillation 


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Dr. Jon  05:00



Randall Thompson  05:02

so wiped film evaportation and hemp processing. That’s that sounds more boring.


Dr. Jon  05:09

Yeah and notice okay when I put it up there on the screen it’s gonna be black and white. 


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Yeah, minimalist 


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full black and white? 


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minimalist view that’s how I that’s how I did it.


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So maybe let’s do it would be techna black and white


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techna black or white yeah let’s put it up there. We’re gonna do we’re gonna get going on this 


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we’re goin


Dr. Jon  05:29

today Yeah, we’re going to talk about some distillation stuff


Randall Thompson  05:34

oh and introduce yourself on the chat to please 


Dr. Jon  05:36

yes please 


Randall Thompson  05:37

introduce setting up your tell us who you are and what where you are in the process. Are you processor Are you a grower? Are you a What are you let us know 


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Randall Thompson  05:47

because we want and then throw those questions at us. We got lots of questions already rolling in so we


Dr. Jon  05:53

all right distillation explained Let me see if I can get this going here. All right. How do I how do I go from one to the next here one moment here so how do I how do I scroll here?


Randall Thompson  06:06

You might have to do it we don’t


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have James here James is James got everything ready. And apparently this is not you see here if I do this scrolling guys


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all right all right technical difficulty all right okay yeah work out okay so that was like where’s the mouse I couldn’t find it because I had like three screens and it kept on getting lost I couldn’t see it as it was terrible I see


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now you do know that James messes with you again He has a mouse over there and he just moves on you, huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, it’s


Dr. Jon  07:05

it’s annoying. Alright, so distillation explained wiped film evaporation and hemp processing. 


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Dr. Jon  07:13



Randall Thompson  07:13



Dr. Jon  07:14

Okay, so we’re going to talk about we’re gonna talk specifically about taking winterized oils to distillate 


Randall Thompson  07:21



Dr. Jon  07:22

Last week we talked about, you know taking solvents out of oils right and then that we talked all about falling film evaporation we talked about what are we talking about? We’re talking about rotovaps


Randall Thompson  07:37



Dr. Jon  07:37

 and how you could use a rotovap or you could use a falling film. And we decided that the rotovap wasn’t so great because basically the issue no not not snoring this one.


Randall Thompson  07:51

Well, that’s a rotovap.


Dr. Jon  07:52

Oh, that’s the reason right there. Yeah.


Randall Thompson  07:55

rotovap was breakage of glass


Dr. Jon  07:57

okay and then they gave us these They gave us the sound effects and so Randy spent half the time, you know, just just the right time to use the sound


Randall Thompson  08:10

effects. Okay, so that was fracTRON


Dr. Jon  08:12

Yeah, that was the fracTron It was really fast. Okay, so we talked a little bit about solvents and how you would take the ethanol out of the solvent and we went through a whole comparison okay. 


Randall Thompson  08:25

It was very good. 


Dr. Jon  08:26

Yeah, and this time I think we’re going to do something similar I’m going to try to avoid tables because I he’s gonna he said that he would basically Yeah, I know. I know. It’s not that bad. The table tables are great way to understand the process tables are a great way to but okay whatever. So what is what is the wiped film evaporator okay. A wiped film evaporator is is simply a way to make distillate Okay, so let me tell you how it works. So you get your take your winterized oil and you put it into here. And that’s all heated and everything so it’s going to keep it nice and liquid. There’s a pump right here the pump pumps it out of this reservoir here through this, this conduit here and into this what’s called a wiped film evaporator. In the middle of this wiped film evaporator is a cold finger it it protrudes up through the wiped film evaporator. And you can see what will happen is that as the stuff comes in this wiper wipes it on the outer side of the wall, it starts to evaporate in it condenses on that cold finger, and it separates it out that way. So it’s really cool. Oh, really rad. 


Randall Thompson  09:37

That is rad.


Dr. Jon  09:38

What what’s also awesome about it is that it has this these are just vacuum conditioning systems here. They’re called condensers. And then you have two different types of vacuum. So it’s kind of a high end system you have first of all roughing pump, and then you also have a you know a turbo pump or a different kind of pump anyway. So those are the two types of pumps. You would normally Have Now in this particular system that I have here, it is a two stage system. So the stuff comes in here, and then it goes through this first stage. And then the stuff that sticks on the walls here goes into the second stage. So this would be considered a second pass distillate that would come out of here. Why do people need to do it more than once? Because they don’t get the right they don’t in the first pass. Sometimes they’re taking out like very, very small amounts of solvents or something like that. And so usually they use that first plant pass to you know, take out a little bit of the terpenes take out a little bit of the undesirables make it a lighter color and then run it one more time to get that nice clear golden color. Oh, also usually they run it twice. 


Randall Thompson  10:43

So in the opening shot when they do the twirl the honeycomb


Dr. Jon  10:46

yeah that kind of thing that second pass distillate better, 


Randall Thompson  10:49



Dr. Jon  10:49

and also that that particular distance was warm, so that you could twirl it anybody who has like CBD distillate or THC distillate, they know that when it when it’s What is actually at room temperature? I mean it’s a solid as a as oil. I mean it’s solid, you can’t pour it I mean, you’ll put the bottle upside down and a wont pour. Okay, so you have to heat it up so and you know if you want to do like a cool shots like that you’re gonna have to heat it up and put some light behind it because as soon as you see the light behind it turns clear you can see right through it makes it nice and golden so golden. Yeah, there’s there’s, we should do a whole show on how to make cool distillate, you know, shots like, you know, I mean, I guess a lot of people have a lot of people are doing that. But you know, they need to, they need to know how to make it. So if you want


Randall Thompson  11:39

that would be good. Yeah, I think that’d be really good. Let’s do it. Hey, do you guys want that? Is that helpful for you to figure out how to take good photos of distillate? That would be a good backup for this. 


Dr. Jon  11:50



Randall Thompson  11:50

All right. All right. Good. So


Dr. Jon  11:52

nobody’s answering. I know, I guess nobody cares. Nobody cares. That’s right. But they kept it. Thanks. They got their iPhone and 


Randall Thompson  12:01

that’s because on our first pass, we’re talking to all the chemists.


Dr. Jon  12:06

And we do have a disproportionate amount of chemists Don’t we? We know. Okay, there’s chemists, there’s processors investors. Okay. Typically, typically we have about 20% investors on our show. 


Randall Thompson  12:16



Dr. Jon  12:17

And then we have, you know, there’s 20% chemists. 


Randall Thompson  12:20



Dr. Jon  12:21

the rest are processors out there.


Randall Thompson  12:23

We do get farmers. Oh, we do. We did growers and farmers. Absolutely. 


Dr. Jon  12:27

Can you have more than 100%? Yes. Yes, of course. Yeah. I think


Randall Thompson  12:33

some of those test results come in 102%. What?


Dr. Jon  12:39

 okay. All right. So this is a general overview. Okay. Look at that. Look at that beautiful, distillate Gorgeous, Okay, so what’s the process? You get some quality hemp to process. Okay. First tip, advanced secret of the universe. Okay. 


Randall Thompson  12:55



Dr. Jon  12:56



Randall Thompson  12:56



Dr. Jon  12:58

Okay, your notes, your pens and papers. Ready? Do not Do not add a lot of seed or do not try to go to distillate with when you have a lot of seed in your hemp because there’s a lot of oil in that seed and that ends up going into your distillate. Okay. And that could that could produce some, you know off colors and off tastes and things like that. So the reason hemp growers have seed in their hemp is just simply because sometimes it’s mixed male and female plants and you get seeds in there and that that’s so that’s that’s the issue. So you want to try when you’re growing you will have feminized seed, so you’re not having male plants 


Randall Thompson  13:46

pull em


Dr. Jon  13:46

 pull em and then you want to try to make sure you don’t have a lot of seed we have you know, we’ve done a lot of extractions of like, you know, highly seeded you know Hemp and it’s not good. 


Randall Thompson  14:01

It isn’t good.


Dr. Jon  14:02

No, it’s really hard to get good distillate of that. It’s hard to get good isolate out of that so that that’s just something for you. 


Randall Thompson  14:09

They’re really havoc on the grinding. 


Dr. Jon  14:11

Yeah. Oh, yeah. 


Randall Thompson  14:12

Oh my gosh.


Dr. Jon  14:13

Yeah. So anyway, and the seeds aren’t really good for anything except for unless you’re doing you know, unless your business is grain. They some some people have grain. Have you ever had hemp seed shelled hemp seeds? 


Randall Thompson  14:27



Dr. Jon  14:27

they’re they’re actually quite good.


Randall Thompson  14:28

Yeah, I have actually some pouches. I should bring them in. 


Dr. Jon  14:31

Oh, they’re so good. 


Randall Thompson  14:32

I put them in my smoothie. 


Dr. Jon  14:33

Yeah, they’re they’re really great. 


Randall Thompson  14:34

They are, 


Dr. Jon  14:35

you grind the hand thin and you optionally decarboxylate? Which we the decarboxylate, like, is that the best point in the process to get the terpenes out? I mean, that’s that’s the place to do it. If you’re going to do it after extraction, and after De-waxing you can see you’re going through two or three steps, and then you’re decarboxylated you’re not really going to be able to retrieve those those.


Randall Thompson  14:58

Okay, so here’s, here’s a technical Question coming up, and I appreciate that. I saw that for decarb. Yeah. When you’re decarboxylated Yeah. Aren’t you actually for marijuana? Aren’t you activating the THC third during that decarboxylation process? And Aren’t you activating the CBD?


Dr. Jon  15:15

Yeah, you are. 


Randall Thompson  15:15



Dr. Jon  15:16

So you’re, you’re basically you’re taking it from an acid to a neutral compound or a charged molecule to a neutral compound. And that allows it to be absorbed by the into the bloodstream. Yeah. So for example, if you had a brownie and you had CBD acid, and you put the CBD acid into the brownie, or the CBD, or the THC acid, you really wouldn’t get with a THC side. You wouldn’t get a psychoactive effect. hardly at all. There may be some decarboxylation that takes place in your body, but very, very, very, extremely low. Well, and so yeah, it just is basically is is not absorbed very well, and it’s not metabolized very well. So you’re essentially doing nothing with it.


Randall Thompson  15:58

That’s a Rachel. Thank you. For that question because that I think that’s huge because even though it’s optional, if you are ingesting Yeah, you want to decarb


Dr. Jon  16:08

Yeah. So if you were doing edibles of any kind, if you were doing you know, any kind of any kind of, you know, vaporizer those are typically you want to have you want to have those pre decarboxylated Okay. You know, when people smoke flower in the form of a pre roll, obviously it gets decarboxylated because it’s burning. 


Randall Thompson  16:31



Dr. Jon  16:31

Right. So that’s the whole point in that 


Randall Thompson  16:34



Dr. Jon  16:34

if they just chewed it. I don’t think that they’d have the same effect. 


Randall Thompson  16:37

Unless Unless they chewed really fast 


Dr. Jon  16:39

or or you took it so bluntly sublingually under your tongue 


Randall Thompson  16:42



Dr. Jon  16:42

Yeah, I suppose. I don’t know. I wonder if it would absorb I probably it wouldn’t decarboxylate it would just maybe be absorbed a little bit but Oh, yeah. 


Randall Thompson  16:53



Dr. Jon  16:53

Now a lot of people are interested recently in, you know, acid cannabinoids 


Randall Thompson  16:58



Dr. Jon  17:00

The question that I have is okay, they may be therapeutic but you know, getting them into your body. So your body can use them in an acid form is very difficult because all of your membranes within your mouth and saliva and in your gut and everything is just made to not 


Randall Thompson  17:19

to neutralize it? 


Dr. Jon  17:21

no not to neutralize it, but to not absorb it. 


Randall Thompson  17:23



Dr. Jon  17:23

it’s just the bioavailability is not so great. 


Randall Thompson  17:26

That’s key. Got it. Okay. 


Dr. Jon  17:28

So you’d have to have a very, very high dosage of the acid cannabinoid to make any difference. So I know there’s a lot of research being done on that right now. So, um, you know, who knows, maybe someone will figure out how to maybe they’ll inject it or something. 


Randall Thompson  17:42

If you have any comments about that, please put it in the chat. Yeah, that’s awesome.


Dr. Jon  17:46

Okay, then you extract the dewax and then you remove your solvent in optionally, decarboxylate. Again, here’s another place that you can do decarboxylate again, but the terpenes are no good when you decarboxylated them here. And then this is where you get to Finally the wiped film distillation. So there’s your steps to take Yeah,


Randall Thompson  18:04

when you say dewax I’m thinking of, you know, dewaxing my children’s ears.


Dr. Jon  18:09

No, no, that’s not the dewaxing we’re talking about. So the dewaxing in this case is is basically taking out the waxes that are that, that are extracted in the process now, there’s a subcritical and supercritical co2 that you can use for different pressures. So you can actually tune and control how much wax you you you actually extract, you know, so that’s something you need to think about. And also with like cryo ethanol, that would be another, you know, with cryo ethanol, you’re not really getting a lot of the waxes because it’s too cold. It’s not dissolving.


Randall Thompson  18:42

Exactly. So, but I’m in and that’s a it’s a good ethanol process, if they consider that what medicinal right grade ethanol extraction Right, right, exactly because of the cryo, and I’ve seen some really cool ways that they’ve done that. But you do lose a lot of yield


Dr. Jon  19:00

You lose yield and it takes a long time to get through, right. And then you will have the same issues with You’re losing cannabinoids number one, it takes a long time number two, and then number three, you still have the same problems with solvent reproofing, you still have the same problems with solvent reuse, and then also recovery of the solvents from the biomass. 


Randall Thompson  19:20



Dr. Jon  19:20

Which is a big deal. You know, I saw some things on the internet a couple days ago, that was like, okay, 99.9% recovery of ethanol. Well, that’s just the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Actually, I it’s, it’s not possible. 


Randall Thompson  19:33



Dr. Jon  19:33

I mean, you know, any, any kind of process is going to have a solvent loss. Okay. Um, you know, like with co2, we have a solvent loss, right? It just turns out that the co2 is so inexpensive that doesn’t matter. 


Randall Thompson  19:45



Dr. Jon  19:46

So you know, there’s always gonna be solvent loss,


Randall Thompson  19:48

so yeah, that would be


Dr. Jon  19:51

Yeah, that is solid. 


Randall Thompson  19:53

We broke that. 


Dr. Jon  19:53

We broke it. Yeah. broke. busted. Should have been busted. 


Randall Thompson  19:57

I think we need one. 


Dr. Jon  19:58

Okay, here we go. 


Randall Thompson  19:59

We got four More buttons for sound effects 


Dr. Jon  20:01

Oh man, this is gonna get this is gonna get out of control. 


Randall Thompson  20:05

Oh, look at this chart. 


Dr. Jon  20:09

This is not bad this is this is just blocked that you’re kind of chart


Randall Thompson  20:14

no yeah, this is I just wanted to use the sound effects. Um,


Dr. Jon  20:18

this is actually very good. Yeah, okay, we’ve seen this before. People have, you know attended our broadcasts before? What were our wiped film evaporators using hemp extraction or a second one do we put that in gin?


Randall Thompson  20:32

Which one was gin? According to


Dr. Jon  20:34

the court this one? No not the quinine quarren client. I don’t even know how you got quiet. But typically you you it’s behind in receiving you would normally basically. Yeah,


Randall Thompson  20:51

sir. All right. This is important stuff.


Dr. Jon  20:54

Yes, I’m turning around. All right. All right. All right. Okay, so should we should we proceed?


Randall Thompson  21:03

Yes, please. Yes, please. We’re waiting.


Dr. Jon  21:07

Oh, no. Okay, here we go. Let’s just let that roll for just a little bit. 


Randall Thompson  21:12

This is good, because I like 


Dr. Jon  21:16

okay, this is our distillation music now. Okay, so 


Randall Thompson  21:19

I think so. Yeah, let’s get into the real 


Dr. Jon  21:26

Okay, My neck hurts. Give me some of that CBD neck rub stuff. Oh, okay, I’ve been taking that it’s been working 


Randall Thompson  21:36

good for you. 


Dr. Jon  21:37



Randall Thompson  21:38

I thought I was the only pain in your neck.


Dr. Jon  21:41

No, I have a real pain in my neck. Oh, for some reason. 


Randall Thompson  21:45



Dr. Jon  21:45



Randall Thompson  21:46

Okay, now I cannot be cured by CBD. 


Dr. Jon  21:48

All right. All right, let’s move on. Okay, receiving quarantine drying, drying, grinding decarboxylation extraction, the waxing distillation. That’s the process that you need to do go through to get to the distillation. Inside you can see it’s smack dab right in the middle of the entire process 


Randall Thompson  22:04

its the heart. 


Dr. Jon  22:05

It is the heart. 


Randall Thompson  22:05

Oh, yeah, everything. Okay. 


Dr. Jon  22:07

And you see how I made the circle a little bit bigger. So it looked like I target 


Randall Thompson  22:10

i did i do like that? Yeah, I do. 


Dr. Jon  22:13

So anyway, that’s what that’s really where we’re at. So you can see that the distillate that you get out, you can use that for your isolate, to feed your isolate process. It’s also being used to feed your broad spectrum chromatography system, which is the broad spectrum distillate. You can’t go from extract to your broad spectrum here without going through these processes, because all that stuff is going to end up you know, not it’s to to whack seats, you know, it’s not good. So you’re gonna, you’re gonna have to go through this is a refinement process. As you move from here all the way to here. You’re always losing, losing, losing, losing, losing, losing losing cannabinoids, yes. So that’s why the process has to be managed. And if you put it all into one process, that’s also you No, it’s more risk because you’re really not able to really hold the processes in monitor them separately. What if you just started right here and then ended up right here? And you’re like, Okay, I got I got, I should be getting at least 30% more than what I’m getting. Where do you start? 


Randall Thompson  23:17

Yeah. Everywhere. 


Dr. Jon  23:19

It’s, it’s not good if it’s all in one process. So you have to really break the processes up. Yeah, measure them separately. So that’s where they’re used all 


Randall Thompson  23:27

this is brilliant, but I do feel like you’re yelling at me because everything’s in capital letters.


Dr. Jon  23:32

You know, Nathan said the same thing. Why are you writing everything in capital letters? 


Randall Thompson  23:35



Dr. Jon  23:36

well, cuz I told him I was doing details on drawings and stuff like that. And yeah,


Randall Thompson  23:40

well in Asia, that’s what if you’re, if everything’s in cap, you’re yelling. 


Dr. Jon  23:44

Oh, really?


Randall Thompson  23:45

Yes. It’s great.


Dr. Jon  23:49

Well, what does that mean that if you capitalize the first letter of a sentence that the first letter is yelling, but the rest of the sentence is it?


Randall Thompson  23:57

Okay, it’s 


Dr. Jon  23:57

what about what about words? It’s in what about words Randall. Ah, 


Randall Thompson  24:00

it’s emphasized. is 


Dr. Jon  24:04



Randall Thompson  24:05



Dr. Jon  24:06



Randall Thompson  24:06

the emphasis of front syllable.


Dr. Jon  24:10

Oh, I have no audio. I’m not recording. Oh, well, okay, I’ll do this then. Alright, there we are set. Okay, so we have to, we had we had Oh no. It’s okay. It’s all right. All right, we’re good. Okay, um, so here we go. distillation is in the center there. So how to distill CBD Okay, so this is how what’s actually happening inside of the wiped film distillation column. Okay, so here the the CBD comes in, and it comes in this is a check valve here because this is a high vacuum system and this is actually under atmospheric pressure. So you need to have a check valve in there. I’m not going to go into the details of that, but you can see how it’s coming down. It’s rolling down over the wall, and immediately it encounters these little wiper blades in the little wiper plates, wipe the incoming winterized oil very carefully over the surface to make it into a nice thin film all the way around all the way around it and keeps wiping it around and around and around. Okay, round and round yourself in. Yeah, and it’s also pushing it down. 


Randall Thompson  25:26

So it’s gonna vacuum 


Dr. Jon  25:28

Yes, yes. And well, no, no, no, no get over under gravity. And then also the actual, the actual blades themselves are kind of pushing it down their angle, the downside, okay. 


Randall Thompson  25:40



Dr. Jon  25:41

so as this thing rotates down, it’s getting a nice thin film. Now we know we know a little bit about about the need for a nice thin film. Because the thinner it is, the more likely it is to be very good at it at basically evaporating 


Randall Thompson  26:00



Dr. Jon  26:01

so there your cannabinoids are coming out. You can see they’re coming out. See them? Oh, look at they’re floating there. 


Randall Thompson  26:06

I see that 


Dr. Jon  26:06

they’re desorbing from 


Randall Thompson  26:08

I feel like I’m floating. 


Dr. Jon  26:09

They’re like, Oh, I no longer belong to the liquid clan. I’m going to 


Randall Thompson  26:14

I can fly away 


Dr. Jon  26:15

I’m going to fly. And there they see they’re flying. 


Randall Thompson  26:18



Dr. Jon  26:18

Now, why? Why do they fly toward the lightest way? Why do they fly is


Randall Thompson  26:23

that’s where the light is.


Dr. Jon  26:24

Yes, this is the condenser. 


Randall Thompson  26:26

That’s where the light is. 


Dr. Jon  26:27

And they’re like, I have to go there. I have to touch it. And so they’re going they’re floating that way under what they call basically under a chemical potential. 


Randall Thompson  26:40

chemical potential. 


Dr. Jon  26:42

Yes, yes. Yes. I’ve told I know. You’re. You’re eyeing the snoring. Okay. 


Randall Thompson  26:46

No, no, no, actually, I’m not not yet. No. 


Dr. Jon  26:50

Okay, so here are the others. All right, all right. They’re floating in air and then they get on the condenser. But what they find out they get a little bit upset because they haven’t reached the promised land. It basically there’s like, Oh, well now you have to become a liquid again. They’re like, No, I wanted to stay a gas. Please don’t make me become a liquid and and they get captured and then they just become a part of the liquid condensate herd. 


Randall Thompson  27:21

And that goes back down, that herd flies down, 


Dr. Jon  27:25

flies down and that’s the distillate that you collect 


Randall Thompson  27:27

on the condenser 


Dr. Jon  27:28

Yeah, so and the rest of the stuff that sticks with its own clan here. It doesn’t it that’s what’s called the residue. So it doesn’t, you know, you can the hotter This is the the different molecules will come based on the boiling point. So the the point, so if this isn’t hot enough where it’s above the boiling point at the vacuum level in here, then you’re not going to get any desorbtion and you’re not gonna get any migration you’re not gonna get any condensate 


Randall Thompson  27:54

and the condenser there is what you referred to earlier as the cold finger. 


Dr. Jon  27:59

Yeah, that’s Correct 


Randall Thompson  28:00

that is the cold finger


Dr. Jon  28:02



Randall Thompson  28:02

got it 


Dr. Jon  28:03

so that’s the cold finger and what’s wonderful about that is that can be held at a different temperature obviously as the of a wall right? So because you want things to condense on there so, preheated CBD and terpenes oil enter the still okay the wiper blades scrapes that oil onto the evaporator make a thin film keeping it within the terpenes boil off but do not condense on the condenser sometimes the terpenes will come they’re not they’re going to go into the vacuum and I’ll tell you what happens to them they have a different fate. Oh no. Yeah, okay. And then the CBD oil is often condenses on this condenser and those components of the oil that do not boil away stay on the wall and are pushed down by the wiper 


Randall Thompson  28:47



Dr. Jon  28:47

so they’re separating basically the good from the bad. 


Randall Thompson  28:52

heater and chiller


Dr. Jon  28:53

Yes, that’s correct 


Randall Thompson  28:55

heater and condensater 


Dr. Jon  28:56



Randall Thompson  28:57

This is good. You know what the best thing is about our show Besides you guys and the questions that you ask, we have no commercials.


Dr. Jon  29:05

That’s right. 


Randall Thompson  29:06

I love this go I’m at the edge of my seat. 


Dr. Jon  29:09



Randall Thompson  29:09

let’s go


Dr. Jon  29:10

 so how let’s talk okay this is the best how potent is distillate produced by wiped film evaporator so how potent is it? 


Randall Thompson  29:19

I don’t know 


Dr. Jon  29:19

okay. So you come you come in with say a 40 50% potency and you come out with like a 90% 80%-90% potency. So typically 75 to 85% CBD can be produced in wiped film, THC can reach up to 90% plus potent and I’ve seen easily you know 95%-96% consistently out of a white film evaporator 


Randall Thompson  29:45



Dr. Jon  29:46

THC. Well yeah, 


Randall Thompson  29:47

holy cow. 


Dr. Jon  29:48

That’s pretty sweet. Residual waxes, fats terpenes chlorophylls plant materials that do not boil because they’re higher boiling, they’re separated out and the terpenes that do not condense on the condenser will be caught in the cold. trap, and they get thrown away. Because they’re really bad. They don’t smell good. They don’t taste good


Randall Thompson  30:05

because these are post


Dr. Jon  30:06

Yeah, they’re just not very good , they’re they’re like processed  get rid of em terpenes from wiped film distillation are not desirable flow flavors or aromas, any potency over 50% will crystallize. So if it’s CBD, and it’s decarboxylated. So here’s the deal. You’re going to, you’re going to start off and it’s going to come out it’s going to be nice, crystal clear and golden color, it’s going to look really good. And then you’re going to set it there and overnight, it’s going to crystallize out and they’ll be opaque basically in the morning. 


Randall Thompson  30:35



Dr. Jon  30:36

yeah, so it’s kind of cool as it cools down starts to crystallize out so that that’s


Randall Thompson  30:40

just cool to watch that we’ve got you know, jars of it in different stages of crystals.


Dr. Jon  30:46

totally gonna do a I wonder we’ve I don’t think we’ve ever done a slow-mo l like a time lapse of that we need to do it. Yeah. Should you will do a time lapse


Randall Thompson  30:54

right now. Oh, no, maybe later.


Dr. Jon  30:58



Randall Thompson  31:00



Dr. Jon  31:01

shiny penny. Okay, we’re gone. See you later.


Randall Thompson  31:04

Okay, so how does wiped film want to make popcorn in the gemco?


Dr. Jon  31:07

We’re gonna do it. Yeah, we’re gonna do it. 


Randall Thompson  31:09

Its a giant oven. 


Dr. Jon  31:11

We should do it. Or how am I going to do it? Should that be butter flavor? We should have butter. Of course we gotta have butter. 


Randall Thompson  31:16

Oh, yeah, 


Dr. Jon  31:16

of course. And hey, you know what I have to say some of this is an advanced secret of the universe. I seriously


Randall Thompson  31:21

another advanced secret. Boy, you guys are lucky this.


Dr. Jon  31:25

Okay, so you know how to make clarified butter? 


Randall Thompson  31:29



Dr. Jon  31:29

Okay. You put you put the butter on the stove. 


Randall Thompson  31:31



Dr. Jon  31:32

Okay, you put the sticks of butter in the stuff. 


Randall Thompson  31:33



Dr. Jon  31:34

and all the milk, fats and everything. As it starts to boil, you actually boil the butter. The milk fats rise to the top. You take all that milk fat off, okay. And it’s very salty. It can It’s salty, and it’s milk, fat, butter. Okay. And then the clarified butter is underneath and it’s clear and you can use it for various things. It’s particularly Eggs Benedict, 


Randall Thompson  31:54



Dr. Jon  31:55

but that milk fat butter if you try that on popcorn It is unbelievable. 


Randall Thompson  32:02



Dr. Jon  32:02

Oh man. If you have never tasted better popcorn butter than that, like that top, that’s all you want. 


Randall Thompson  32:12

That’s the top stuff.


Dr. Jon  32:14

I’m giving it to you free of charge 


Randall Thompson  32:16

the non clear the the unclarified part 


Dr. Jon  32:19

yeah the unclarified bar.


Randall Thompson  32:20



Dr. Jon  32:21

it’s It is okay. It is to die for free. It’s like cholesterol on a plane cardiac on a plane.


Randall Thompson  32:30

So which part of that is gi when they talk about gi? 


Dr. Jon  32:34

Gi Gi is? Yeah, he is the clarified. 


Randall Thompson  32:36

That’s the clarified butter 


Dr. Jon  32:37



Randall Thompson  32:37

that’s the that’s the underneath. That’s where all the milkfat 


Dr. Jon  32:40



Randall Thompson  32:41

Okay, exact got it. Thank you. Sorry, CBD and Gi 


Dr. Jon  32:45

cooking. Okay, condensate recovered solvent. What am I trying to say here? How does wiped film distillation work? Oh, okay. Well, this is just saying Okay, look, look at what we have here on this axis. Here is temperature huh? degrees Celsius. And in this axis here is different solvents. Okay, here we have ethanol. You can see the temperature boiling temperatures right around 80. Here you have thca. Here you have CBG. We’re seeing CBD all right here, right? See? Yeah, it’s boiling point is higher. Does anybody know why the boiling point of CBD is higher than THC? Oh, that’s a great if anybody can answer that question. Like chemically will totally give them a hoodie. Okay, yeah, totally. So, go ahead, put it in there. Anybody answers will?


Randall Thompson  33:34

Not me, I fail.


Dr. Jon  33:36

Okay. So anyway, so what is doing is basically this is your recovered oil. So you, you basically set a temperature. Here, you’re setting the temperature of your of your wall basically at 100. And you can see all of this stuff is going to boil off and this stuff is not so this stuff would be your residue. And this stuff would be your condensate. Does that make sense? 


Randall Thompson  33:57



Dr. Jon  33:58

yeah. So that’s all that is kind of an little illustration there, so of course it’s in.


Randall Thompson  34:03

Yeah. In everyday.


Dr. Jon  34:05

Oh, do you really? I do, which, where’s that?


Randall Thompson  34:07

It’s the second to the last two cbda.


Dr. Jon  34:09

Really? So you were actually taking a that’s a terpene.


Randall Thompson  34:13

Oh, really? 


Dr. Jon  34:14



Randall Thompson  34:15



Dr. Jon  34:15



Randall Thompson  34:17

No, no wonder I feel good every day. Okay.


Dr. Jon  34:21

All right, so tons of biomass, how many wiped film evaporators are needed for hemp extraction operation. Here’s the wiped film distillation unit that we make, which is the clearSTILL. And this kind of gives you an idea. So it’s kind of scalable, pretty nice, nicely scalable. This is for the single pass clearSTILL, if you want double pass, you’re probably gonna have to double the not some of those numbers. So just keep keep that in mind when you’re talking about scaling. Why? Oh, yeah. A lot of people use short path in you know, in place of a wiped film evaporated. You know why they do that? 


Randall Thompson  34:56



Dr. Jon  34:56

it’s kind of like the same thing with rotovac and You know, falling film, okay? And it’s just, it’s, it’s less expensive. It’s, you know, a lot of people can use it, you just go buy some glassware, okay, and test it out. So those are not really scalable. You can see here. So if you’re going to try to do some tonnage, for example, with hemp, trying to do your tons, oh my goodness, you don’t get a lot of short path units. And these are not very reliable, you don’t get the same product out every time. So in terms of, you know, from strain to strain, you’re, you’re not really consistent. Okay? So it’s really not very consistent. So


Randall Thompson  35:36

in the end customers who are buying this, that’s the biggest complaint they have. Yeah, is the consistency of delivery of product of everything. 


Dr. Jon  35:46

You really do need to have a really consistent product. Yeah, you know, if you’re gonna make a brand or you’re going to produce a bulk oils for a customer, they’re going to want to have consistent oils coming out week after week. month after month, we’re not able to do that with short path


Randall Thompson  36:02

It’s just as well. And the way to do that is to have consistent processes. Right. Right. been talking about this ad nauseum. 


Dr. Jon  36:09



Randall Thompson  36:09

And that’s what you do. I mean, that’s right, we do here. And so that’s why we can continually deliver over and over and over.


Dr. Jon  36:16

Right, right. Good. We did, um, you know, I have some more slides on, on basically the difference between short path and distallate end wiped film. But I think suffice it to say that a lot of the same arguments that took place with the rotovap versus versus falling film would apply. 


Randall Thompson  36:35



Dr. Jon  36:35

We have issues with you know, we have issues with breakage. Yep. And, and, and, and faster and consistency associated with the, you know, with with a clearSTILL 


Randall Thompson  36:48

and then you have the integrated system. 


Dr. Jon  36:50

Yeah. You have the integrated system right there. Which is, All right. All right. Good. So that’s what I had. Um, let me see We should probably go through some of these other things here one moment here. See if I got anything good can wiped film evaporation be used to separate? Oh, this is a question that people typically have Okay, um you know what they want to do someone who’s new to the system new to new to the world of distillation or new to the world of hemp and THC that I was trying to figure out how to get the THC out of the CBD sir, in a lot of very consistent and recurring question is can I use my distillation equipment to to basically remove THC from CBD? Because the boiling points are different. So you’d think you know, since the boiling point separation, if you shouldn’t do you should be able to do it. It’s not that simple. And the answer is the boiling points are too close. You need to have you know, 20,30 maybe even 40 degrees difference really to make to do a good separation. Actual boiling point inside the apparatus itself is on Unknown such as temperature pressure and also you have things that are also co distilling with it coming off and that’s changing you know for example the apparent boiling points of the of those two components so here i have i need at least 20 degrees Celsius to do the separation so that that’s what that is. See what else great question. Whoa, look at that. 


Randall Thompson  38:22

This is what we needed. 


Dr. Jon  38:23

Oh man, this is okay. This is a short path. 


Randall Thompson  38:26



Dr. Jon  38:26

this is what they call us and this is a short path is to look okay so I don’t if I had said this before, but this is typically in the in the world of THC, Cannabis, hemp, all that stuff. That’s what they they, they they say that this is a short path unit. It’s not technically a short path unit because this condenser here is external. external. So this is a short path unit. This is our cold finger that we just talked about, because it is you know, it’s, it’s close to the evaporative surface and it’s integrated into The system so that’s a short path, but, but the whole entire industry says this is a short path. So guess what we say? Okay, that’s a short path to short. And we also say this is a short path, okay? Because this is that’s the reality of it, in reality that a more accurate term would be fractional distillation and short path distillation. Gotcha. So that’s how that would work. 


Randall Thompson  39:22

And that looks like a normal still.


Dr. Jon  39:25

Yeah, that’s, that’s essentially what it is. Yeah. 


Randall Thompson  39:27

So we can make bourbon. 


Dr. Jon  39:29

You can make bourbon, you can make gin.


Randall Thompson  39:32



Dr. Jon  39:33



Randall Thompson  39:37

If we use that to make some of our own  tinctures the other day, That was a long afternoon.


Dr. Jon  39:44

here’s, here’s what it is. You take the oil and you cook the living daylights out of it. Okay, yeah, you try to maintain the temperature here. But of course it’s cooking. And there’s a lot of people who have gotten very, very good at using these units try. I don’t want the haters to come out and say You know that hey, look, you can’t do it 


Randall Thompson  40:01

because it’s an art 


Dr. Jon  40:02

because it’s an art. Yes. And and so there are artisans who do it. 


Randall Thompson  40:05



Dr. Jon  40:06

And they do it very well. And they do it every day. They can do it consistently but you require an artist to do it. 


Randall Thompson  40:11

That’s right. 


Dr. Jon  40:11

Okay. That’s why artisans like these people 


Randall Thompson  40:14

what happens to your operation if that artists and gets hit by a bus


Dr. Jon  40:17

or Yeah, the artist and gets mad and decides to leave, then you no longer have your artists in there. Okay, so you need something that’s more consistent and reliable. So yeah, so in this case, here, the stuff comes up. Yeah, you want to go fast to obviously,


Randall Thompson  40:32

oh, that’s what happens when that artists and gets mad kicks that thing.


Dr. Jon  40:36

There goes all of your distillate. So you’re boiling this up, it’s coming up here. It’s condensing here. So eventually, it gets hot enough, and it comes out here and then it starts to condense. Now, what’s interesting about this, and the reason they called fractional distillation, is simply because as this heats up, you’re going to the boiling points are going to come off sequentially, right so you’re acetone. We’ll come off then you’re ethanol’s. Then your then your thcs and your cbds and then all your terpene Oh, in the terpenes and come effect because it’s heating up over time, right? Okay, that’s not the way it is here. So your since is heating up over time. So maybe your acetone will come off first it’ll come down here and this will fill up and you’ll have pure acetone but all the other stuff and then it heats up more Oh, then ethanol comes off. And then it comes up here. Oh, then another solvent comes out. And then it comes in here. Oh, then here comes your CBD. Okay, so it’s coming out one after another. I’m sayin, so that’s why they call it fractional distillation. Okay, if you have an apparatus here where you can actually change the bulb, in what like it’s almost looks like a. Okay. And basically you would, you would just kind of swip switch it around, you’re able to really actually fractionate so separate out, separate out the acetone. separate out the Yeah, out the ethanol, separate out the CBD separate out the terpenes. So a lot of people have saying, Oh, well, that’s really great. Because that’s the theory of it. In practice, they kind of all smear out together. 


Randall Thompson  42:08



Dr. Jon  42:09

and so it’s really hard to keep it consistent. Gotcha. Okay, so and it’s really hard process to control. So that’s why people have opted for the short path distillation, which is the wiped film distillation. You can see here, there’s, that’s what we just kind of went over that already. Here. You have the finger in here, you do not get a fraction with this. You don’t get any fractionation with this, because this is how that one temperature, there’s no ramping up the temperature. It’s Yeah, it is what it is. It’s holding it. You’re getting the same thing out boilers out every time. It’s not not meant to ramp over time. So you can see it comes out here and then it comes down here. Here’s your residue. This stuff drips down here goes into this distillate pump. So here you have the two. And then something that we didn’t talk about was the terpenes that don’t condense on there, the terpenes and stuff. They actually come over here. They condense on this vacuum condenser, they come down here and then there’s a cold finger that’s usually filled with dry ice or something that’s really cold. And then you get, you get more of a, you get more of the stuff there. And then the vacuum is nice and clean, free from solvents. And so that’s this is where your turbo pump is. And that’s where that’s where your, your roughing pump is and things like that. So that’s the difference between a short path and a short path or fractional distillation and a short path. This one has an external condenser. This one has an internal condenser right there. So you can see that that that’s basically what makes it a short path. It’s a short fixed distance between this effort is amazing stuff.


Randall Thompson  43:42

Yeah, I love it.


Dr. Jon  43:44

Yeah. So here we are. Um, let’s see here. Oh, yeah. Short path apparatus can give more than two fractions. And here you’re seeing I got a fraction one fraction two, fraction three. That’s the advantage of this short path apparatus. It’s it’s got an advantage, right? Because you can really actually do this at separation, it’s just not very consistent. Okay? And you can see how it Notice how I put them into big swaths like all this stuff together together, all this stuff goes together. So it’s not like you can do acetone and methanol and separate them out. It’s not that good 


Randall Thompson  44:13

because they’re too close. 


Dr. Jon  44:14

They’re too close. Yeah. So here’s like comparison between short path and wiped film. Here you can see the mean free path for short path. is is basically a long with this is now the fractional distillation is what I that’s why I have my quotations there. So it’s long. And then the short, the mean free path for the wiped film is short. That has to do with here. Let’s take a look here. See how it’s short. It’s really short. It’s like a one inch versus long. That’s it go all the way up here and then all the way up there external. So it’s a long, long distance away. Well, that’s a big, big difference. Okay. Mixing is a stir bar here. Typically you’d have a stir bar right there. You’d be stirring it up. This has got that motor wiper with a little blades on it. That, that keep it nice and thin.


Randall Thompson  45:01

So now Is that okay, when you’re talking about wiper blades? I mean, everybody’s brain jumps to the wiper on your car.


Dr. Jon  45:09

Yeah. I mean, yeah, it’s something that looks like that. Only only it has little slits in it. So that it so that it let’s stuff through and it


Randall Thompson  45:19

was it more metal.


Dr. Jon  45:20

No in in the case it’s a polymeric material that’s that’s up against the, the wall


Randall Thompson  45:27

though the column right, right


Dr. Jon  45:28

okay, and some manufacturers use carbon that’s perfectly fine. It’s a nice inert material so some people do that. Okay, and then residence time for distillation we have five to 60 minutes. So you can also see the wiped film is much more efficient because you have very short time because that’s the fact that you have a very thin film you’re creating Okay, as opposed to the short path which is boiling a bulk oil Right. 


Randall Thompson  45:58



Dr. Jon  45:58

 or or or yeah sometimes you’re there’s different ways to improve this but it’s typically a lot longer than wiped film 


Randall Thompson  46:06



Dr. Jon  46:06

change over time you know that’s something you have to take all this thing apart to clean it out. Here I have a question so how do you clean out that would if they get cake stuff kicked down in there How do you clean that out? You know you have to have like a little tiny


Randall Thompson  46:19

family does that after dinner they just throw it in the in the dishwasher.


Dr. Jon  46:23

In this case, the dishwasher, scrape off


Randall Thompson  46:26

the food you get to wash your dishes before you put it in dishwasher. That’s true.


Dr. Jon  46:30

In this case, you have to put it in what they call like a Parana solution will actually dissolve and eat up all Yeah, eat up all of the all of the the crusties that are out there, 


Randall Thompson  46:42

that would be a cool sound effect. 


Dr. Jon  46:43

Yeah, and that would be and you know, if someone didn’t do the dishes when you ask them to just put their finger in the Pirhanas that’d be bad. That’s not good. 


Randall Thompson  46:57

That’s a little harsh. 


Dr. Jon  46:58

That is that is that’s a little hard. Okay, so change over time 20 minutes versus continuous, you don’t need to have a change over time with it, you know, to refill it. So that’s, that’s a big advantage of the wiped film and then also film thickness, you know, no film film is made there. And so and then you got different different levels. So, I think that’s, you know, that kind of gives you a people an idea of the different technologies that you can use.  Yeah,  it kind of gives you an idea how it’s used where you would use it, you know, you know, by what you would use one technique over another. One thing to mention is we do have calculators, so if you want to go on to the website, you can you can just pick out any calculator just say, Okay, how much distillate Will I be getting from this amount of crude or this amount of hemp? And we got a calculator in there, that’ll estimate that for you. Also, you know, it’s a, it’s a really good way to just, you know, try to understand Okay, what the yields already processed? 


Randall Thompson  48:02



Dr. Jon  48:03



Randall Thompson  48:03

Okay. And the calculators are awesome and that goes through all of those processes. So when you’re doing the you know, the our biggest hit one is the ethanol versus co2 company operational comparison, right? It’s all the time but you’ve done a great job building these calculators so


Dr. Jon  48:23

So yeah, I mean this is enough information for you guys that give you the just the basics to understand when you’d use it. What what it can’t do you know, can’t it can’t really separate out your THC from CBD. 


Randall Thompson  48:35

Well, this was this was an awesome presentation. Thank you for doing this. You okay. All right, well done. All right. distillation rocks. And what what? We talked a little bit about things. So next week, are we doing the popcorn thing are we doing?


Dr. Jon  48:53

Probably not next week, because I have to set that up and we have to get it obtained clarified. You know, that’s a lot we have to clarify. We’re gonna have to, I don’t know how we’re gonna do that we probably need to go down store by we have to calculate it because the yield on the buttercream is really low it’s probably


Randall Thompson  49:20

so here’s how I want to make popcorn speed like


Dr. Jon  49:24

kettle corn like 100 kilos of kettle corn in like 30 seconds 


Randall Thompson  49:29

its gonna explode


Dr. Jon  49:30

we would have to have a we probably gonna have to rig it up with a cyclone. So out there.


Randall Thompson  49:37

That’s gonna be so fun. Yeah, I can’t wait. All right. And you know, and then we were talking about Bananas Foster earlier. Yeah, I think there’s some process you can do with that. Oh,


Dr. Jon  49:46

that’s probably the issue. Oh my gosh, I get saucer food. flambay


Randall Thompson  49:51

Yes, I gotta go. We must be food. Okay. No, this is excellent show. Thank you. And thank you for watching. Thank you for your questions. Don’t forget calculators, resources, live tour. our YouTube channel has all of these on it, all our podcasts, go to our podcast, like it, subscribe to our podcasts, subscribe to our YouTube, there’s a lot of resources out there. And when you go onto our website, there’s a lot of resources for you, you know whether you’re buying our gear or not. There’s a lot of people who are buying drainDROYDS for their ethanol facilities. There’s a lot of people are using our clearSTILL and our fracTRON and their ethanol facility. Right, right. There’s a lot of people who are putting in orders for a pure 99 Yes, chromatography, baby. That’s that’s really good. So that’s going to be chromatography in a box. And it’s a big box and it’s a cool box. Yeah, that’s very awesome. So thank you for being here. Invite your friends. There will be a replay. So and don’t forget to join us next week. Thanks again. Rob Marquardt elite extraction, shout out you’re going to get I think it drainDROYD hoodie. Yeah draineDROYD hoodie on its way. I think Eli’s going to run that out to you in Utar. So that’s good. There is a giveaway. There are more giveaways. Use our calculators use our chat bot. I think next week, giveaways might even come from the chat bot.


Dr. Jon  51:14

Ooh, that’d be sweet. When that’d be cool. We’re gonna do that.


Randall Thompson  51:16

I think that would be fun. Why not chat bot will be doing we kind of call our chat bot something different than chat bot?


Dr. Jon  51:23

I don’t know. We’ll brainstorm that.


Randall Thompson  51:26

And, and, and any suggestions you might have on what we can call our bot? Because the bot is pretty cool. I like our bot and he introduces us and we have a lot of questions. A lot of COMM And we can go convert that right to a quick CBD jam session. We can’t use that name. Ashley can’t use that name. Which name the name? We can’t use that name.



No, no. All right. We won’t use it anymore. No,


Randall Thompson  51:51



Dr. Jon  51:52

Can’t do it. I’m I won’t stop yelling at me.


Randall Thompson  51:58

All right. So thank you. Again, go over to the resources. Keep the questions coming in. There will be a replay. Well done good show. I love the distillation. So we’re good to go. Thank you. Thank you


Dr. Jon  52:12

see you next week. Bye now. All right.


CBD Jam Session 52:17

Are you stuck in your hemp or cannabis business? Are you now reaching your processing goals here at extraktLAB we offer a free 20 minutes CBD jam session. A CBD jam session is a conversation with an industry expert, not a sales call; a conversation where you can talk to us about whatever issues you are having right now and where you are stuck. We will help you uncover any issues you are currently having in your business. Create a solution to fit your current scale. Develop a future scale up plan based on your needs and help you make your processing goals a reality. All while getting your business plan back on track. schedule your FREE 20 minute CBD jam session at 1-651-600-0036 again, that number is 1-651-600-0036

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