All About Terpenes

In the hemp and botanical processing industry, cannabinoids often take center stage on the priority list. Most producers will be certain that their extraction, and distillation methods are tuned in perfectly to collect and preserve the best cannabinoids for product formulation down the line. But, terpenes are equally as vital to an end product, so why is there less emphasis on their collection, preservation and product formulation? If you aren’t properly identifying the best methods to collect and preserve those precious terps, you could be throwing money out the window!

In part two of our discussion on terpenes, Dr. Jon and Randall begin the interesting discussion of the common ways hemp and botanical processors collect their terpenes. There are a number of ways this is accomplished: steam distillation, wiped film distillation, vacuum distillation, ethanol extraction, CO2 stripping and more. But what is the best method? And how would you employ it in your own hemp or botanical business? Using the extraktLAB method, terpenes are captured during the decarboxylation process using vacuum distillation to catch the very best terpenes AND to improve the extraction process overall. Want to learn how? Then this is the episode for you

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Time Stamps:
[00:00] – Welcome
[00:34] – Resources []
[01:42] – Terpenes 01
[02:43] – All about terpenes
[04:53] – Techniques to extract and recover terpenes
[05:58] – Two separations categories for terpene recovery
[07:52] – Ehtanol extraction
[11:28] – Wiped Film
[12:59] – CO2 Stripping or extraction
[14:26] – Terp Sauce CO2 Oil
[17:35] – Distillation of terpenes
[23:04] – How to calculate boiling point at different pressures
[26:50] – Steam Distillation
[32:04] – Selected LogP from Terpenes
[33:40] – Vacuum Distillation
[35:19] – Vacuum Ovens
[36:29] – terpTrap
[38:15] – Process to recover Terps
[41:08] – Comparison of various terp recovery
[44:14] – More about resources

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