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extraktLAB’s bulk CO2 systems provide 1600 lb of CO2 in a small, compact package. This system allows the customer and the gas supplier to monitor usage and provide automatic refilling depending on the supply strategy greatly reducing labor time and costs.

The system also has mechanisms installed in the unit so that it can be safely installed in any indoor setting. As a great alternative to gas cylinders, these bulk CO2 systems will provide your manufacturing or production facility with years of reliable CO2 Supply.

Providing a reliable CO2 Supply to your process is crucial to ensuring operational time. CO2 suppliers will often install large bulk tanks at a customer’s facility to reduce running out of the cryogenic fluid.

These cryogenic tanks are capable of maintaining the cryogenic fluid at a specially low temperature. This is often accomplished with an active refrigeration unit or a vacuum jacketed tank. A liquid CO2 pump can also be used to fill a micro bulk tank or supply a process directly from this bulk CO2 tank.

How Bulk CO2 Systems Work

A CO2 bulk tank typically feeds a microbulk CO2 tank. Bulk CO2 tanks can range from 3 to 50 tons. Both tanks are typically also cryogenic tanks  that are designed to keep the cryogenic fluid cold so that it does not vent off and waste the cryogenic liquid.

In contrast, a micro bulk CO2 tank will typically range from a half a ton to a ton and are typically not refrigerated. Micro bulk tanks are typically filled periodically by beverage CO2 Supply trucks or they can be installed in bulk CO2 systems that are supplied from a bulk tank. The system is capable of storing 1600 lbs of liquid CO2.

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Problems with CO2 Gas Cylinders

Manufacturers and businesses often need a larger CO2 supply of cryogenic CO2 than is conveniently supplied in small gas cylinders. There are many different volumes of gas cylinders that are available on the market but CO2 gas cylinders come with several different disadvantages. These disadvantages include:

  1. The inability to monitor the amount of CO2 that is left in the cylinder giving rise to the possibility of running out of CO2 in the middle of the process.
  2. CO2 gas cylinders can often vary in pressure depending upon the ambient room temperature. This leads to many different problems for downstream processing or service.
  3. Oftentimes businesses are left to their own devices for safety compliance including safety monitoring of the CO2 levels within the room and also venting of the room in compliance with fire code regulations. 
  4. Frequent change out of gas cylinders can be difficult due to the weight and cumbersome nature of a large heavy cylinder.


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extraktLAB’s is here providing a reliable CO2 Supply to your process with the help of bulk CO2 systems compact package.

How the CO2Cage Bulk CO2 Systems Solve these Problems

CO2 bulk systems solve these problems through innovative engineering solutions. First, the system monitors the weight of CO2 that is in the micro bulk tank at all times. That means that you or your CO2 supplier will be able to monitor the amount of CO2 usage everyday. The system can be configured to provide a text or email message at a critical low point. You will also be able to tell how much CO2 was dispensed from the supply truck or bulk CO2 tank into your system.

One of the key advantages with the micro bulk CO2 system is that it maintains the pressure of the CO2 independent of the ambient temperature in the room. It does this by conditioning the fluid in the cylinders and maintaining the temperature so that processes can be controlled downstream. This is important in brewing applications and also in extraction applications.

When CO2 tanks are installed indoors, venting must be installed in the room in order to accommodate a CO2 leak. The fire code has established these rules and has also established CO2 monitoring requirements for the room. One of the key advantages of our micro bulk CO2 tank is that it is completely enclosed so that event can be hooked up to the microphone tank to provide the proper amount of venting.

Second, the system also has a built-in CO2 monitoring and alarm so that in the event of a leak, the vent fan will turn on as well as alert the user and the employees that are in the room that a leak exists.

The system eliminates the need for frequent change out of gas cylinders. As an integrated system, only one Inlet is needed to fill the micro bulk tank and only one outlet is provided for CO2 liquid or gas. It is the best way to supply CO2 to your extraction process and is applicable to a variety of manufacturers who utilize CO2.

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