CO2 Applications

CO2 is often utilized in a variety of processes within the extraction, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries among many others. Let’s take a quick look at these applications and the benefits of various CO2 applications among these many industries:
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Food and Beverage:

Among the most popular CO2 applications, liquid or solid CO2 (dry ice) is commonly used in these industries as a method of cooling, quick freezing, and refrigeration. It is also used to carbonate beverages such as sodas, beers, and wine. This is a great way to prevent fungal and bacterial growth in these beverages. It can also be used to neutralize drinking water.

Extraction CO2 Applications:

In its liquid form, CO2 is an excellent solvent capable of extracting desired and undesired compounds from a food, beverage or other material. A longstanding use of this extraction method is the decaffeination of coffee. It is also used to create essential oils and herbal supplements as well. More recently, supercritical CO2 has become an extraction method of choice in the hemp and botanical extraction industry. Using CO2 as an extraction solvent as opposed to ethanol or hydrocarbons reduces the chance to leave unwanted residuals in a final hemp extract product.


Dry ice pellets are often used as an alternative to sandblasting when removing paint from surfaces. This drastically reduces the need and costs for cleanup and disposal that would result from sandblasting as the dry ice sublimates after use leaving little to no waste product after the blasting is done.

Environmental CO2 Applications:

CO2 can be used as a propellant in replacement of less ‚Äúgreen‚ÄĚ alternatives found in aerosol cans. Manufacturing operations that use solvents for extraction often convert to CO2 in an effort to be more mindful of their environmental impact.

Laser Cutting:

CO2 powered lasers are commonly used for engraving, cutting and boring by passing an electric current through the gas. These high powered lasers can cut through steel, fabrics, ceramics, wood, glass and even titanium.

Welding Gas:

CO2 is also used for a variety of welding applications as a welding gas in combination with argon. The benefit of using CO2 as a welding gas is the prevention of airborne contamination from molten metals because of the purity of CO2.

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