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Pumping liquid CO2 is challenging due to the fact that the pumps must be able to pump at high pressures and also be self-lubricating. ExtraktLab’s MPCart is a liquid CO2 pump that is an advanced solution for pumping CO2 liquids from bulk tanks to fill CO2 micro bulk tanks as required.

What is the MPCart CO2 Pump?

The MPCart is a step up CO2 pump mounted on a moveable cart that is integrated with the operating functions of the CO2 cage. It draws CO2 from outdoor bulk storage tanks or supply trucks at 300 PSI and steps the pressure up to 800 PSI to keep the CO2 Cage full.

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The MPCart liquid CO2 pump is controlled directly by the electronics and touch screen display. This CO2 booster pump comes with 120 feet (36.6 m) of CO2 hose and power cabling for maximum versatility in factory floor placement. The pump is installed on casters and can hook directly to a CO2 bulk tank with a 5 inch diameter Inlet hose.

MPCart provides dependable liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) pumping solution for micro bulk CO2 supply. Our system incorporates the best liquid CO2 pumps on the market for a number of applications.

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Pump at high pressures. Our MPCart CO2 Pump equipment is best if you are looking for optimal pumping solution in the industry.

How Does the CO2 Pump Work?

The equipment pumps liquid CO2 from a supply truck or a bulk tank to the microbulk system. The CO2 pump connects directly to the CO2 microbulk tank and is automatically controlled from the control panel on the front of the microbulk system or from the touchscreen panel on the CO2 pump unit.

The liquid CO2 pump must be installed in close proximity to the bulk CO2 tank. In other words the inlet to the pump must be very close to the liquid CO2 source.The liquid CO2 pump can convey liquid CO2 over a large distance far exceeding a hundred feet.

If the CO2 pump is to be controlled by the most microbulk system and automatically fill the micro bulk system, it must be electrically wired to the micro bulk. We have either wireless or wired options for this filling operation.

When the microbulk system calls for CO2, a signal is sent to the pump to turn on. The pump provides pressurized CO2 to the system and when the system detects it is nearing its maximum weight, it turns the pump off.


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