pure99 | Chromatography

pure99 Chromatography

Separations, testing and remediation via chromatography are critically important parts of hemp and cannabis oil refinement that need to be fully understood. Due to the currently illegal status of cannabinoids like delta 9 THC, remediation of those cannabinoids is not only important, but absolutely essential to ensure that you create and sell a CBD product that is safe and legal to your customers. Using chromatography to remediate delta 9 from hemp derived extracts is the most efficient way to perform this task. In this episode of extrakTALKS,. Dr. Jon sits down and explains the ins and outs of chromatography in the extraction industry. Listen up as he details the critical importance of remediation, testing and separations using chromatography and the pure99 HPLC system from extraktLAB.

Dr. Jon goes in depth Into the chromatography system: pure99. He shows when to take samples, what to consider to get the best separation, and how to read a chromatogram

LISTEN to this episode:

:30 The pure99 system
2:50 Walkthrough of the pure99
3:10 Solvents used for chromatography
3:23 Solvent reservoir
3:40 Solvent pumps
4:15 Methods and variables
5:40 Sensors
7:10 Automated solvent recovery
7:28 three-stage falling film evaporators
7:55 HMI panel
9:00 Coriolis meter
9:33 What happens when you get a separation?
12:18 Back to the pure99 system walkthrough
13:14 Reading a chromatogram
13:35 Separating THC
14:50 Separated fractions of THC and CBD
16:00 Throughput of the pure99
19:00 Final Thoughts

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