Building the Presentation

When it comes to creating a successful startup in the hemp and cannabis extraction industry, investor interest is key to hit the ground running. Moreover, it is a critical part of maintaining success throughout your growth in the industry. This means that appealing to potential investors is invaluable and could mean the difference between take off and crash landing in your new endeavor into extraction.

In order to appeal to investors, you have to understand what they are looking for in your pitch. Investors want to know the details of your business plan and your market strategy in order to assess whether or not your business is worthwhile for their time and money. This is vital information that you need to make sure you are a force in the industry and it’s not always easy to know where to begin. Luckily, we are here to help.

In this video from extraktLAB, Dr. Jon Thompson details how to create a great investor pitch presentation. He will help you to define who you are and what you do in the extraction industry, what opportunities are available in your particular field, and how to use that information to build a solid presentation for investors.

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[00:00] – Introduction
[01:13] – The Presentation
[03:26] – What is the opportunity?
[04:28] – What do you do? What is your business?
[05:39] – Market size and growth potential
[09:25] – Key market drivers
[11:11] – Why your customers choose you
[12:20] – Other Considerations: Products; Forecast; Why Sustainable, defendable; Use of funds ; Cap Table; Exit Value; Team
[12:39] – An example presentation by Dr. Jon
[16:39] – The Sizzle
[18:06] – Closing Words

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