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The hemp plant is an incredibly versatile, useful plant for a plethora of applications. Through hemp processing, hemp can be harvested and used for a variety of purposes including industrial use in the form of textiles and fibers, or cannabinoid extraction like CBD, CBG and other plant components. The numerous uses of hemp continue to grow and all are achieved through using some form of hemp processing.

If you are new to the term “hemp processing,” it can basically be summarized as the entirety of the extraction or industrial use process from the time the hemp plant is harvested to the point of a final product. On the industrial side, this could include shucking, decortication, and treatment of parts of the hemp plant to create products like fabrics, textiles, paper, building materials and more. In cannabinoid extraction, hemp processing will include shucking, but will then include processes like decarboxylation, extraction, winterization, filtration and distillation to achieve a proper cannabinoid extract product.

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon will discuss everything you need to know about hemp processing from grow to product and every step in between. Whether you are a farmer, grower, processor or investor, hemp processing factors into each and every aspect of the industrial hemp and extraction industry. If you happen to fall into any of these categories, you need to tune in to this week’s episode of extrakTALKS with Dr. Jon on the inside secrets of hemp processing.

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[00:00​] Welcome
[02:51​] Calculators
[03:06​] Hemp Startup Assessment Quiz
[06:30​] Starting 30,000 ft view
[08:54​] Receiving
[11:39​] Grinding & Decarboxylating Biomass
[11:54​] Advanced Bioprocessing Workflow
[14:11​] Terpene Market
[16:42​] Hemp Extraction
[17:51​] Dewaxing & Filtration
[19:24​] Solvent Removal
[19:37​] Residuals
[20:41​] Winterization
[22:49​] Evaporation
[23:50​] Distillation
[25:25​] Three Falling Film Evaporators (fracTron)
[30:38​] Business Value Stream Workflow
[32:09​] Operational Excellence

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP):
[36:40​] Formulations
[40:24​] Packaging
[40:27​] MRP, ERP, MES, Accounting Information Flow
[41:00​] Accountants rule all.
[42:00​] What is cGMP compliant?
[44:05​] Business Perspective 1st steps: Who is your customer going to be? What are you going to sell?
[44:10​] Pitch investor.
[51:25​] Final Words

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