Delta 8: The Molecule, The Myth, The Legend: Part 2 Product Reviews

Because of its mostly legal status, delta 8 thc products are sweeping the hemp industry. The excitement of this cannabinoid is surrounded by its psychoactive properties similar to delta 9 THC, while maintaining a legal status due to its derivation from hemp. But, there are always concerns when it comes to the quality and safety of hemp extract products - especially a legal and psychoactive one. It is important to consider where those products come from, how they were extracted, how they were formulated etc. to ensure that they are a safe product. In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon take a look at several delta 8 thc products to evaluate their quality, safety and legality. They discuss critical factors for safe, high quality delta 8 products including testing for purity, residuals and delta-9 levels, legal compliance, user safety and more.

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1:49 Introduction
5:08 is Delta 8 new?
7:50 The difference between Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10 THC
9:43 Chromatogram testing
13:13 Certificates of analysis
13:55 Reviews of Delta 8 vapor pens
16:20 What happens when you have “hot” Delta 8 products?
17:00 Can Delta 8 revert to Delta 9 over time?
18:30 Varying levels of Delta 8 in tested products
18:50 Importance of a clean chromatogram
19:23 Looking at a compliant Delta 8 product: HolusCBD
20:50 Using CBD to dilute Delta 8 products
21:22 How extraktLAB can help you with Delta 8
23:00 Beware unknowns and residuals

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