Delta-8/Delta-9 Smackdown

Although delta 9 THC has been well known and widely used for centuries, delta 8 THC has rapidly gained popularity within just the last decade. Because it is a CBD derived cannabinoid, delta 8 THC remains inside of a legal grey area as the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized CBD derived products for processing and sale. Because of this, CBD processors in most states can legally create a cannabinoid that is psychoactive like delta 9 THC, but is considered to be federally legal. This has opened the door for those curious about psychoactive cannabinoids that would otherwise break the law to try delta 9 THC products in states where it is not legal. Because of this, the opportunity to create delta 8 THC products from CBD has exploded and producers are all trying to find a way to profit off of its rapid growth in popularity. In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon and Jared Lerche sit down to discuss the rise and controversy of delta 8 THC. They compare delta 8 and delta 9, discuss how delta 8 is made and ponder the possible future of this fascinating cannabinoid. This week we dive into one of the most controversial posts Dr. Jon has made to date. He posted a poll asking how people feel about Delta-8. We received responses from every side of the industry. Thanks again to everyone that contributed to the conversation. It was great seeing that passion is still alive in the industry!

LISTEN to this episode:

1:00: Delta 8 impact on the Delta 9 Market
2:15: Medical implications for Delta 8
3:00: Delta 8 is highly processed
3:40: Full spectrum, THC-ND and Delta 8 availability
4:20: The economics of Delta 8 and Delta 9
5:00: Does Delta 8 need to be natural for medical use?
5:44: CBN and other cannabinoids
6:20: Comparing processed cannabinoids to processed medicines
6:55: Dr. Jon’s Poll on Delta 8
8:09: Making edibles from Delta 8 flower
8:35: Top reasons for Delta 8 scrutiny
8:55: Pushing back on synthetic concerns
9:40: Scrolling through comments on Delta 8 Poll
9:53: Psychoactive properties of Delta 8 and ease of purchase
10:26: Does Delta 8 skirt regulations of the 2018 Farm Bill?
11:18: Navigating the unknowns of Delta 8
12:29 Does the plant produce Delta 8 naturally?
14:15: Concerns of Delta 8 toxicity
15:03: Different effects of Delta 8 and other compounds
17:40: Bioavailability of Delta 8
18:10: Nano emulsification of Delta 8
20:40: Delta 8 synthesis issues
23:05: Questioning medical use of Delta 8
23:35: Pure cannabis compounds vs. full spectrum products
28:20: Confusion surrounding Delta 8
29:00: Delta 8 /Delta 9 smackdown

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