Are You Throwing Money Away? (All About Terpenes)

In the hemp and botanical processing industry, cannabinoids often take center stage on the priority list. Most producers will be certain that their extraction, and distillation methods are tuned in perfectly to collect and preserve the best cannabinoids for product formulation down the line. But, terpenes are equally as vital to an end product, so why is there less emphasis on their collection, preservation and product formulation? If you aren’t properly identifying the best methods to collect and preserve those precious terps, you could be throwing money out the window!

In this episode of extrakTALKS, Dr. Jon breaks down one of four discussions about terpenes, and why you shouldn’t be throwing your money out the window. This episode particularly focuses on the basics Рwhat terpenes are, why they are so valuable to the industry and how you would likely waste money by collecting them at the wrong time, or not collecting them at all! Getting more into the complicated side of the matter, Dr. Jon discusses the stability of common terpenes, how to store them, and how to preserve them so that they can be used in product formulations down the line.

LISTEN to this episode:

Time Stamps:
[00:00] – Welcome
[00:40] – Resources []
[03:34] – What Is A Terpene?
[07:43] – What Are Terpenes or Terpinoids?
[12:36] – Isoprenoids Derived From Plant Metabolism
[14:14] – What Are The Sources of Terpenes?
[23:28] – Terpenes Are Not Chemically Stable
[25:48] – How To Know If Chemically Degraded?
[28:16] – Effect of Extraction Solvent On Terpenes
[31:06] – Which Terpenes Are The Most Stable?
[33:05] – Recommendations for Storage
[36:26] – Test Often for Degradation
[36:43] – Recommendations for Preserving While in Use
[37:27] – Final Words On Terpenes
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