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extraktLAB is your one source for turnkey, GMP-compliant manufacturing solutions for the cannabis extraction industry. Whether you’re processing marijuana or hemp into refined oils, our total solution approach takes the risk out of startup while optimizing your manufacturing line for long-term growth and success.


Cannabis Manufacturing Process Flow

processing flow

With the most comprehensive manufacturing solution offering in the cannabis industry, extraktLAB can configure, design, engineer and commission a turnkey GMP manufacturing solution for you – on time and on budget. The cannabis manufacturing process has several steps before and after the actual extraction of oils from biomass. Pre-extraction processes prepare the biomass for efficient extraction. Post-extraction processes further refine the extracted THC and CBD oils for various products and market segments.

Our manufacturing solutions include:


  • Facility layout and process design
  • Solution configurations for phased growth
  • All processing equipment, including 3rd- party products matched for quality and capacity
  • Documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all processing steps
  • Equipment installation and training of your labor force
  • Manufacturing line commissioning to verify oil output quality
  • GMP compliance support
  • Formulations expertise
  • Ongoing service and support

Importance of Scalability


For licensed producers in the cannabis industry, we highly recommend a Crawl-Walk-Run approach to manufacturing capacity planning. This provides the flexibility needed to migrate toward the most profitable customer and market segments while delivering maximum utilization of your cannabis extraction equipment investment.

extraktLAB’s product platform provides unlimited scalability to any capacity size, and in any increment for the highest flexibility and return on capital.

Why Hemp Bucking is Key for Efficient CBD Extraction

Why Hemp Bucking is Key for Efficient CBD Extraction

Are you a hemp cultivator harvesting your hemp crop this autumn? Are you increasing your overall worth of your crop by bucking your hemp? There are a few things that you need to know in order to see a profitable return from your hemp biomass. Hemp bucking is a crucial factor in finding a potent, valuable extract down the manufacturing line, and you will need the ideal equipment to do it right. In this article, we explain the significance of hemp bucking, how it makes your crop more profitable and how the shuckNbuck is the best method to get the job done right.

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