18 Dec 2018
One Ton Per Day Cannabis Extraction Facility

When it comes to financing a cannabis extraction facility, many make the mistake of thinking they’ve got to “go big or go home.” Here at extraktLAB, we’re happy to tell you that it’s really wise to “go… Read More »

06 Dec 2018
CO2 vs. Ethanol Extraction: Safety Concerns

Op-Ed by Cole Holstrom, Senior Technical Advisor I see it all the time. Investors are understandably focused on the return on investment with their cannabis and hemp extraction equipment. I watch them… Read More »

30 Nov 2018
New extract trends - are they initially worth it?

New extract trends in the cannabis industry are bound to crop up from time to time, and yet they’re still just a dime a dozen. New products often require years of research and development (R&D), in addition… Read More »

20 Nov 2018
Elect to know the truth about CO2 vs. ethanol extraction

People vote with their money in this industry, so it’s time to check the results of CO2 vs. ethanol extraction. Sometimes it’s best to say what’s left unsaid, especially when it means better business results.… Read More »

31 Oct 2018
Join extraktLAB at this year's largest MJ business event!

Are you going to be rolling the dice at this year's largest cannabis event the second week of November? extraktLAB's crew will be in Sin City for MJBizDaily’s MJBizCon Vegas from November 14th to the… Read More »

04 Sep 2018
What To Consider When Buying A CO2 Extractor

When I first meet someone considering a CO2 extractor, they are often overwhelmed. There are so many parameters and options to consider that meaningful comparisons can seem impossible. For example, your… Read More »

Winterization in 30 Seconds! No Problem

Want to know how to winterize tens of kilograms of crude oil with essentially zero cycle time on the process? Read on to learn about First In First Out (FIFO) manufacturing lanes and how they are used… Read More »

How to Scale Up Your Extraction Business to Process One Ton per Day

Key Scalability Factors Looking at ways of "how to scale up" your extraction business? Here's a list of seven questions you need to ask yourself when doing scaling calculations for your current operation: What's… Read More »

How to Extract One Ton per Day

How much space does 1-ton of biomass occupy? Answer: the volume depends on a couple key factors including size of the trim or grind, the water content of the trim, and how it is packaged. Suppliers usually… Read More »

26 Aug 2018
The Costs of Large-Scale Ethanol Extraction

So, you are looking for a manufacturing facility that will enable you to extract thousands of acres of hemp or other plant material? What easier way than with ethanol? You get some food-grade ethanol,… Read More »

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