Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment & GMP Manufacturing Solutions

Since 2014, extraktLAB has built the highest throughput and lowest operating-cost supercritical CO2 extractors in the botanical extraction industry. Our scalable product platform and turnkey manufacturing solutions provide a solid foundation for customer success. We ensure GMP compliance from the ground up in equipment, production management software and facility solutions.


Supercritical CO2 Extractors

Extract high-quality oils at record speed using the safest and purest botanical extraction method in the industry. extraktLAB’s CO2 hemp and botanical extraction equipment provide the highest throughput at the lowest operating cost and are scalable to process tons of hemp biomass per day. Learn More

Turnkey Hemp Manufacturing Solutions

extraktLAB offers the most comprehensive turnkey GMP hemp manufacturing solutions in the industry. Our custom-engineered extraction labs reduce startup risk and ensure the long-term success of your business with proven methods and processes that optimize quality and performance. Learn More


GMP Compliance Support & Facility Layout

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance ensures the quality, safety and efficacy of your CBD products. extraktLAB can help your business achieve GMP compliance with manufacturing equipment and software, facility design and layout, and standard operating procedures. Learn More

Training & Commissioning

We offer on-site workforce training and manufacturing line commissioning services to ensure the success of your new extraction lab. Training covers installation, standard operating procedures (SOP) and method validation of final output oils. We won’t leave your facility until your team is producing great quality oil. Learn More

Extraction System Solutions

Check the type of solution you need in your Hemp Extraction business by selecting one of the icons below. Click the icons and learn more what extraktLAB can offer.

Business Calculators

We have numerous interactive Botanical Extraction and Hemp Business Calculators to help you with your decisions. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to scale up your business, our calculators will help you analyze costs and estimate revenue, yield, initial investments and important metrics for your extraction business.

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CO2 vs Ethanol Extraction Operating Costs

Calculate your yearly operating costs of CO2 vs Ethanol extraction using our estimator tool.


Supercritical CO2 Extractor Revenue, Cost and Investment

Calculate your estimated revenue, cost of goods sold and initial investment for your Supercritical CO2 Extractor.

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CBD Oil Yield from Outdoor Grow

This calculator estimates the weight of output CBD oil from extraction for an outdoor grow.

Botanical Extraction

As the future of botanical extraction accelerates forward, this process becomes increasingly more popular in the hemp and botanical essential oils industry.

With botanical oil products ranging in potency from 75%-99%, practicing, extraction methods are important for creating popular products that customers will seek out in the current market. As a botanical oil producer, nailing down CO2 extraction is very important, and we would like to show you how.

One-Ton-Per-Day Processing Solution

Crawl, Walk, Run to One Ton

extraktLAB’s product platform provides unlimited scalability. Our one-ton-per-day turnkey hemp extraction and manufacturing solution easily processes over 2,000 pounds of dry biomass per day in an 800 sq. ft. room while consuming less than 500 amps. Our processing solutions include all the equipment, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, SOPs, and training required to get your extraction lab off the ground.

2000+ lbs/day    800 sqft facility    90+% efficiency    < 500 amps

Isolate Extraction Systems

Born From Separation Science

Innovative Extraction Solutions Developed By Our Team of PhD Chemists and Engineers

Unlike most extraction equipment manufacturers who started as metal fabrication or welding shops, extraktLAB was born from separation science. The founders of extraktLAB have been innovators in extractions and separations science for more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

We bring deep expertise to our customers in separation science, process engineering, extraction efficiency, laboratory configuration, hemp extraction, quality control, formulations, and packaging. All within ISO and GMP environments to control quality and consistency of end products, and drive consumer demand.

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