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Keep production moving forward with a non-stop CO2 supply.

CO2 Supply Solution

The CO2Cage is a CO2 supply vessel that holds your business’s bulk gas or liquefied gas via 16 integrated and manifolded 100 lb DOT-approved gas/liquid cylinders. This tank bundle is typically used in applications where the installation of refrigerated bulk tanks is not feasible or available.


CO2 Cage


MPCart Specifications


Dimensions (in)48 x 18 x 35
Cord Length (ft)120
Inlet (psi)300-350
Fill Hose ConnectionCGA 320
Maximum (RPM)1,750
Single Phase208/240 Volts
Electrical Plug TypeHBL2621S

CO2Cage Specifications

The CO2Cage is rated for indoor use. All tanks are USDOT and TC rated. All applicable standards for use in the United States and Canada under the USDOT PHMSA and Transport Canada Reciprocity Agreement.

Our cylinders are registered and marked with approved DOT specifications and UNISO standards (for example DOT-3AA, DOT-4BA, ISO 9809-1) to be filled, transported and used in Canada, or conversely, registered TC specification cylinders or approved UNISO standards (for example TC-3ALM, TC4BWM, TC-4LM, ISO 7866) to be filled, transported and used in the US.


Tare Weight (lbs)3500
Dimensions (in)51 x 51 x 81
InletCGA 320 male
Outlet1/2″ NPT
MWAP (psi)3,000
Single Phase208/240 Volts
CO2 Supply Solution

CO2 Supply Solution Features

The CO2Cage Tank Bundle

The CO2Cage Tank bundle offers the following advantages:

  • Touchscreen display on equipment HMI panel for easy monitoring and programming
  • Programmed visual and audible alarms and warnings and reports
  • Regulation Compliant
  • Single Inlet and Outlet for fill and use
  • Multi-fill manifold
  • Integrated Scale
  • Designed to be moved with a forklift
  • Design Standard: DOT 3AA / TC3AAM
  • May be filled on-site or off-site according to CGA G6.4_4 and EIGA IGC 83/08E
  • Load the bundle by weight as per CGA method
  • Optional Pump Cart to up your psi for filling the cylinders
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