When it comes to financing a hemp extraction facility, many make the mistake of thinking they’ve got to “go big or go home.” Here at extraktLAB, we’re happy to tell you that it’s really wise to “go small and then go big” as you scale up to meet future demand.

With our 800 sq ft extraction facility, you get the electricity and ventilation plug-ins for six extractors. Start with just one until you’ve seen the return on investment (ROI) on that initial machine and we’ll be ready to wheel in the second and third and so on.



Whether you’re new to hemp manufacturing or are already an established player, there are a few things you need to consider when selecting an extraction method, whether that be CO2, ethanol or butane extraction (to name the big 3).

Hidden Costs

There are hidden costs, not advertised by respective manufacturers, that ought to be considered. For instance, CO2 has the highest equipment costs but the lowest infrastructure costs – in addition to being the safest extraction method.

Ethanol and butane extraction both have low equipment costs, but higher infrastructure costs as butane requires C1D1 blast rooms and ethanol facilities need to satisfy 16 different fire codes and are subject to frequent fire department inspection.

Ethanol extraction facilities actually require local fire departments to develop specific protocols to deal with the fact that “a pool of ethanol can burn with an invisible flame” (Holstrom 2018).

Hemp Extraction Facility Scalability – CO2 Wins Out

When it comes to scalability, the high throughput, small footprint, and low energy use put CO2 ahead of the pack. It’s no secret that you’ll see an ROI with any piece of capital (extraction) equipment, but how quickly, and just how much of a return, comes down to runtime, efficiency, and throughput.

With extraktLAB’s one ton per day hemp processing facility, you have the benefit of redundant machines in six of our Model 140 supercritical CO2 extractors. Not to mention, hourly throughput that creates a staggering ROI in the first month of use.

A breakdown of each Model 140 extractor:

  • Processes 8kg of material every hour
  • 60-minute runtimes (with 99% cannabinoid recovery!)
  • Small footprint (24 square feet)
  • Lowest power requirements in the industry (67 FLA)

Don’t leave money on the table. Call us today at 651-600-0036, or fill out a contact form below, for the highest purity product that is both cleaner and more consistent when compared to other extraction methods. Watch more great extraktLAB videos at our YouTube channel today.