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Eliminate the Bottlenecks
Dewax 4 Liters in 5 minutes with DrainDroyd

DrainDroyd filtration equipment enables high throughput wax removal from winterized ethanol solutions. Here’s what you get when you choose DrainDroyd:

Eliminate hours and hours of labor


Fewer steps in your process and better quality extracts


Elimination of potential batch contamination

  • Filtration of up to 4 Liters in 5 minutes
  • All 316 stainless steel construction for superb cleanability
  • Various filter media available for different levels of finish
  • Optional incorporation of various sorbent media for decolorization
  • Adjustable height casters
  • Incorporation of containment vessel for improved isolation from the environment
  • GMP compliant integrated product containment for safety and contamination elimination
  • Integrates into existing process easily

Feel free to call our sales team at 651.538.1472.