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DrainDroyd Filtration Equipment | extraktLAB
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Eliminate the Bottlenecks
Dewax 4 Liters in 5 minutes with DrainDroyd

DrainDroyd filtration equipment makes high-throughput wax removal from winterized ethanol solutions possible. When you choose DrainDroyd, you can eliminate hours and hours of labor as well as potential batch contamination. Our filtration equipment also reduces the number of steps in your overall process and produces higher quality extracts.

Here is what you get when you decide to go with DrainDroyd:

  • Filtration of up to 4 Liters in 5 minutes
  • 316 stainless steel construction for superb cleanability
  • Various filter media available for different levels of finish
  • Optional incorporation of various sorbent media for decolorization
  • Adjustable height casters
  • Incorporation of containment vessel for improved isolation from the environment
  • GMP compliant integrated product containment for safety and contamination elimination
  • Integrates into existing process easily

Feel free to call our sales team at 651.538.1472.