Dewaxing Crude Oil Faster with the DrainDroyd Filtration Unit

 The DrainDroyd filtration unit for dewaxing crude oil was recently featured at #3 in Marijuana Business Magazine’s cover article “10 Killer Technologies!”

Our CEO, Dr. Jon Thompson, has over 15 years of chemical separation science experience. When he entered the medical marijuana industry a decade ago, he saw the need for scalable technology in both the extraction and post-production processes.

While building out his supercritical CO2 extractor units, such as the Model 140 (which offers “some of the fastest processing on the market” (Hanna 2017),  Dr. Thompson became determined to solve the slow filtration offered by undersized Buchner funnels.

The article, “10 Killer Technologies,” by Omar Sacirbey illustrates what Dr. Thompson saw:

“…one of the weak links in conventional dewaxing was so-called Buchner funnels, through which extracted oils flow during the filtering process. Narrow and made from glass, the funnels at best can handle only a slow throughput that can take hours—and, at worst, can break, leaving potentially thousands of dollars of oil stuck in the filtering machines” (Sacirbey 2019).

It’s no surprise that the hemp and botanical extraction industries are quickly going the way of a commodity industry, where the cheapest and most efficient means of production wins in the end. Any bottlenecks to the process, or wasted valuable product, hinders a quick ROI.

Dewaxing Crude Oil Faster

In order to solve this bottleneck in the co-solvent post-production process known as “dewaxing,” Dr. Thompson, “developed a funnel that is wider and made from stainless steel. Because it’s wider and more durable than glass, the DrainDroyd, as Thompson dubbed his invention, can process 4-5 liters of oil in 30 minutes or less” (Sacirbey 2019).

Be sure to read the full article from Marijuana Business Magazine and then check out the DrainDroyd on our website.

Whether you’re doing butane, ethanol or CO2 extraction, the DrainDroyd breaks down all barriers and offers a bottleneck solution that will help you achieve the ROI you’ve been searching for!


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