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CarbonX on Sale Now!

CarbonX™ is ideal for improving oil color and helping develop high quality clarified oil.

There are no harmful materials that can be carried over into the final product. CarbonX™ is food safe and non-toxic. It is a perfect tool for scrubbing oils destined to medical patients and discerning consumers.

CarbonX™ has very specific binding properties which are useful for removing chlorophyll (green) and xanthophyll (brown and gold) colorants.


Science & Engineering for Botanical Extractions

ExtraktLAB delivers leading-edge technology for botanical oil extraction.

We believe that great science and engineering enable great business processes. We measure our success by our customer’s ability to:

  • reduce time-to-market speed and cost
  • increase production throughput
  • standardize product quality

Through our consulting services we help both experienced and novice producers create manufacturing facilities that meet or exceed ISO and GLP/GMP equivalent standards.

Produce 99% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Products

Using our validated methods, our CO2 extraction machines, followed by our separation products, producers can reliably create 99% pure, pharmaceutical compounds.

Our Commitment to Quality

We know that our machines and services are responsible for creating goods ultimately used by patients and consumers. We want everyone who uses products made with our technology to have a safe and pleasant experience.

From hardware to turn-key manufacturing facilities, our team provides the tools required to produce the best products possible.

Our Value

We provide our customers with leading-edge technology and technical consulting.

Our machines are designed with the end user in mind. Each element of the machine is specifically engineered to maximize production.

Two Hour Run Times

With our Extrakt-1 machines in combination with our consultation, we create methods that allow users to process five and ten liter batches in two hours. The recovery rates are truly amazing.

Fast run times are the result of preparation, know-how, and great equipment. Our machines and consultants can help produce outstanding results.


Our Products

Extrakt-1 Super Critical CO2 Extraction Machines

When you purchase an Extrakt-1 machine you get the highest level of service in the industry. This includes:

  • factory acceptance and operational qualification
  • two days factory training (includes: method development, operations, and safety)
  • detailed documentation and user manuals
  • 1 year warranty.

Super critical CO2 extraction is recognized as the safest, cleanest, most efficient technology for extracting botanical oils and waxes. We take our super critical CO2 extraction to the next level.

Full automation means that you can run the same methods over and over again, repeatedly and reliably. Our modular design allows you to adjust tank sizes as you grow.

Our machines also include:

  • quick loading tanks
  • variable flow rate pumps
  • terpene recovery
  • co-solvent pumps
  • optional CO2 recirculation systems.

Our Extrakt machines use liquid CO2. There are no noisy compressors.

Our optional ethanol pump can be used to create a clean-in-place system requiring no disassembly during cleanings.

NOTE: The maximum daily output of our machines is dependent on the quantity and quality of raw product. As a result, achieving optimum outputs may require pumps with higher flow rates. We have the ability to engineer systems to meet high throughput needs.

super critical c02 extraction machines
Extract Volume
Flow Rate
2 × 5L
300 mL / min
2 × 10L
600 mL / min
2 × 20L
600 mL / min
Options Description
Terpene Recovery Collect terpenes for reuse
Ethanol Pump For use in cleaning or as a co-solvent
Recirculation System Capture and recirulate CO2
2nd 300mL Pump Upgrade the run rate of 2 × 5L machine to 600mL/minute
Upgrade 5L to 10L Upgrade tanks and pump system to 2 × 10 L system
Upgrade 5L to 20L Upgrade tanks and pump system to 2 × 20 L system
Upgrade 10L to 20L Upgrade tanks to 2 × 20 L system
Upgrade to 20L Pump Upgrade the run rate of a 2 × 20 L to 1200 mL/minute


Pure99 Preparative Chromatography Systems

Our built-to-order preparative chromatography systems can consistently deliver up to 1kg/day of 99% pure pharmaceutical-grade products.

Pure99 systems can capture:

  • flavinoids
  • terpenes
  • fatty acids
  • lipids.

Manual or fully automated, Pure99 systems give users full control over separation parameters. To achieve higher throughput needs, our systems can run at room temperature or at elevated temperatures, as well at different pressures.

Because every application is different, all Pure99 systems are built-to-order.



We will walk with you through the entire process from planning to production. Together with our super critical CO2 machines, our experts help customers create the finest botanical oil extracts possible.

Start-Up Packages

Our unique start-up package delivers enormous value. We can get you to market fast, creating more profits and higher returns on your investment.

Led by our staff of chemists and engineers, we will:

  • create a plan that scales the process to both your machine and your business objectives
  • provide a detailed list of ancillary equipment and associated processes
  • develop a workflow plan that incorporates best practices and quality assurance
  • train your team on pre and post extraction techniques
  • use analytical chemistry to demonstrate cannabinoid recovery
  • teach your team the basics of in-process analytical testing

Other Consulting Services

Special Product Formulations

  • psychoactive / non-pyschoactive ratio control
  • terpene profiling
  • re-blending terpenes
  • flavor additives
  • creating products for vapors, tinctures, capsules, and vials

Facility Design and Layout

  • comprehensive consulting from electrical requirements to workflow
  • budgeting, peripheral equipment list, and production planning
  • development of on-site quality control/quality assurance programs

Manufacturing Consulting

  • SOPs and instructions to meet ISO and GLP/GMP equivalents
  • in-process quality control and quality assurance practices
  • implementation of fill and packaging lines

Our People

We have built a team with decades of experience designing laboratory processes and equipment. Our staff of highly trained chemists, engineers, and technicians. Each of our team members has a unique skill set that adds value to our customers, and is dedicated to making sure that our customers receive the highest quality service possible.

Dr. Jon Thompson

Founder and Chief Science Officer

University of Minnesota, Ph.D. Chemistry

A published expert in the field of separation science, Dr. Thompson has developed methods, designed systems, and created technology for analytical chemistry used in bio-pharma and the chemical industries.

Gary Miertschin

V.P. Sales and Marketing

Mr. Miertschin has twenty years of experience in capital equipment and laboratory sales, across an array of industries from biotechnology to industrial automation.

Jack Swonger, P.E.

Director of Process Engineering

Mr. Swonger is a certified professional engineer with extensive experience in infrastructure and process engineering for chemical and pharmaceutical operations.


Our Principles

We recognize that the products we help create will ultimately be sold to patients and consumers. We are not satisfied simply meeting industry standards, we aim to exceed them. Therefore, we value:

Safety: We will not provide services or equipment that is not safe. We will not knowingly engage in manufacturing processes that endanger patients, consumers, the employees of our customers, or our own team members.

Teamwork: We will seek out and acquire the best people, building a business that encourages personal and professional success through trust and cooperation.

Creativity: We will work to achieve our vision of consistently exceeding industry standards through new methods and technology.

Profitability: We will provide customers with high quality products and services at a fair price while maintaining our profits so that we can continue to serve our customers, our employees, and our stakeholders.


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